with Body Temperature Detection
IPCamera + Black Body
IP Camera + Black Body
Recommended for airports, hotels, government offices and all types of security environments
(full set with Tripod and NVR)
To single out people with fever and capture their face images for reference
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Social Distancing
Facial Recognition Technology
Contactless Devices for Staff Attendance Clocking & Access Control
Verify face with mask on
An option to block access if a staff doesn't put on a mask
Extra Protection
One by one verification to promote social distancing
Reduce Operating Costs
Save Resources
Replace obsolete system
(e.g. logbook & punch card machine)
Embedded Body Temperature Sensor
Automated process, save manpower, accurate results
Time-saving & Labour-Saving
Systematic and automated
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BoTEMP Series
Recommended for all types of office towers
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Metal Detectors with a Fever Detection
Recommended for public Area like immigration, airports and government offices
Other Solutions with Covid-19 Preventive Measures
Face Access
with Body Temperature Sensing and Verification with Mask
Time Attendance System
with Health Screening Record and Contact Tracing
Visitor Management System
with Health Screening Record
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