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We Offer Two Segments
Time & Attendance Management System
Employee Leave Management System
Visitor Management System
Guard Tour Management System
Talent Recruitment System
Smart Access Control System
Parking Management System
1 x Face ID 5 Demokit
1 x TimeTec BLE-2
1 x TimeTec Beacons
10 units of NFC Tag
Worth USD1,250
Store Credit
5 x TimeTec T-Shirt
10 x TimeTec Non-Woven Bag
10 x TimeTec Ball Pen
*Illustration only. The actual items might differ in design.
Smart Residential Community
Visitor Management System
Smart Home Security
Residential Accounting System
Guard House Tablet Panel
Autogate BLE-2 Demo Kit
Worth USD1,150
Store Credit
2 x TimeTec T-Shirt
5 x TimeTec Non-Woven Bag
5 x TimeTec Ball Pen
*Illustration only. The actual items might differ in design.
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