Global Reseller Program
How many levels of reseller are there in TimeTec Global Reseller Program?

The TimeTec Global Reseller Program has two reseller levels.
1.Distributor   2.Dealer

What are the differences between Distributor and Dealer?
• Higher level than the dealer
• Enjoys a higher profit sharing percentage plus a higher sales quota
• Obtain a distributor’s admin account to monitor dealer and customer accounts
• Allowed to appoint dealers in their areas
• Single level reseller
• Basic sales commission percentage and lower sales quota
• Given a dealer’s admin account to monitor own sales
How to determine the reseller’s eligibility to apply?
• Possess existing reseller distribution channel • No existing reseller distribution channel
I'm currently an authorized FingerTec reseller, am I automatically qualified as a TimeTec reseller also?

Yes. Being a FingerTec Authorized Reseller makes you a TimeTec reseller instantaneously. However, you will still have to fill up a registration form for the TimeTec system, and accept the terms and conditions of the reseller agreement to activate your TimeTec resellership.

What is my responsibility as a reseller?

You have to sign up as many customers as possible and handle all the system's set up, training, commissioning and after sales service.

Is there a minimum investment requirement to join the TimeTec Global Reseller Program?

Yes, however the investment is minimal and it can be used as store credit to start the business with us. Email us at for the details.

How to be a part of the TimeTec Global Reseller Program?

Go to the online application page at, choose the type of partnership, fill up all the required information and submit the online application form. We might upgrade or downgrade your Type of Partnership application upon reviewing. Once approved, each reseller will be given a free demo account with the activation of 10 user licenses.

How to enrol for training on TimeTec Global Reseller Program?

We provide online training; you can register with us for reseller training sessions at You can also invite your customers or your prospective customers to join the training session. At the moment, we conduct all courses in English. To reach more audience, you are encouraged to conduct training courses in your local-language and you can also use our webinar tool. Liaise with us to set up your own training sessions in no time at all.

I'm interested to be a new reseller but I don't have any experience selling FingerTec or cloud solution. Can you advise me on how to proceed?

If you are new to FingerTec and TimeTec, you will need to learn the TimeTec application by attending one of our Webinar sessions and use the trial account. Account that is not active within 6 months will be disabled automatically. Our team will follow up with you once you are registered with us.

Do I have to sign a Partnership Agreement to become a reseller?

Yes. Once we accepted your application, you will receive an email, which requires you to activate your partnership account. By activating the account, you will have to agree on the terms and conditions of the Partnership Agreement.

TimeTec will eventually launch a total of 8 cloud solutions, is a reseller automatically given the right to sell all the applications?

No. You only apply for the cloud solution that you’re interested in when you’re filling up the online application form. Of course you can opt for more if you have the confidence to achieve the sales quota set for you.

Do you impose any yearly sales quota on resellers?

Yes. Sales commitments vary from one country to another, and for different reseller levels. For more info, please consult us at

Would you refer online inquiries from our country to us?

Every customer would be assigned to one reseller for a better local support. Hence, we will pass any local inquiry received to the local reseller and it is solely at our discretion.

Does TimeTec provide marketing support to resellers?

Yes. Please refer to Event Sponsorship Program for more details.

What is the price structure of TimeTec and what is my profit margin?

Please refer to the following links for our pricing.

TimeTec TA TimeTec Patrol
i-Neighbour EpiCamera

All Resellers will enjoy 20-40% profit margin. Please consult our sales department about your earning margin.

I'm currently your FingerTec distributor. Could I appoint dealers in your TimeTec system? And how much profit would I get once my dealers sign up some TimeTec customers?

As a distributor, you normally enjoy 40% margin from the direct total billing from your direct sign-up customers and our TimeTec system caters to two level of sales which you can register dealers under your account and enjoy a 10-15% margin of their total billing. Being a distributor, you need to provide your reseller with TimeTec training.

How should the payments be transacted, through the reseller or through TimeTec?

It’s up to you. If the customer chooses to do an online payment, the activation of the licenses will be in real time, however, if the customer pays through you via offline methods, it would take a while for the whole payment process to be cleared because we need to wait for the payment from you before we could activate the licenses. Please refer to our Payment Policy for more information.

Is it permissible to sell TimeTec cloud service subscription in our local currency?

Yes, but the selling of the licenses in local currency is only acceptable for offline payment methods. If your customers pay for the subscription online, only USD currency is acceptable.

Once my customers have made the payment to you, how would you reimburse my margin to me?

We will credit your margin into your account once the transfer is cleared. Click here for more information on the commission process.

I have already signed up for TimeTec dealer and have a dealer account. How can I create an invoice for my client in my dealer account?

Once you have logged in to your dealer account, go to Customer > List of Customers, click on Licences of your selected client.

You will see your client’s active licence, scroll down to end of page and click on “Purchase TimeTec Series Licence”

Under the Order Details, choose Subscriber if the invoice is paid directly by end user; or Dealer if it is paid by your company. Click Preview Order to proceed for payment.

How can I add payment for my client’s licence using the Store Credit in my dealer account?

In the licence order page, choose Dealer under the Order Details and fill in the licence units and Billing Cycle. Click Preview Order to proceed for payment.

Select Offline Payment and click “Place Order”. In the next page, you will see the invoice with a few payment options at the end of page. Choose Store Credit and Checkout.

Transfer of money always involves bank charges. Who will be bearing the charges in this case?

The receiving end will bear the bank charges and transaction fees. For example, if the customer pays directly to us via PayPal, we will absorb the bank charges.
However, when you cash out your profit margin from your account, you will have to bear the bank charges.

How can I keep track of my customers' or dealers' records?

Your Reseller Account enables you to keep track of all your customers and dealers' records. You may log in to check their status anytime you want.

If my customers paid me in local currency, should I be paying you in local currency too?

No. All payments made to TimeTec must be in US dollars. Any gain or loss due to currency exchange shall be borne by you. Hence, make sure you find out the right exchange rate to be charged to your customers.

If my customers pay directly to you online, when and how shall I cash out my earning?

You can log in and check your account anytime for the total commission that you have earned, and cash out any amount in your balance at anytime via PayPal account or you can use it to offset your FingerTec order from us.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to carry out any online transactions with you?

You are strongly encouraged to have a Paypal account for convenience, unless the service is not offered in your country; you may arrange other option to make payment to us.

You give a certain percentage discount for longer term of subscription to customers, would it affect my earnings?

Yes. Your profit sharing margin would always based on the total billing of customers.

If my customer subscribes to a one year billing cycle, will I get my profit sharing in full?

Yes. You'll always get your share in full once your client completed their payment.

I want to bundle some hardware with TimeTec solution. Are there any additional products or gadgets TimeTec offer?

Yes we do. We offer several IoT devices applicable to TimeTec solutions, please refer to the following:

TimeTec TA i-Neighbour  
• Biometric Reader • Smart Card Reader • Smart Lock ML-10B
• Beacon • Siren Kit • Smart LPR
• NFC Tag (also compatible with TimeTec Patrol) • Lift Control Panel BLE-16 • Smart Reader H2b
  • BLE-2 • Wireless Alarm System
  • Smart IP Camera • Smart Turnstile

The hardware should be billed separately from TimeTec sales, but if the customer chooses to pay through you, you could include both hardware and TimeTec subscription fee into your total billing. Please contact our Sales team at for any enquiries.

How do you send the hardware? Will you arrange the shipment or do I have to arrange it on my own?

You can either arrange the shipment by yourself or liaise with our Sales team. Please note that you will be responsible for all charges related to the shipping, including all taxes.

Since TimeTec operates on a subscription basis; could I also offer hardware rental to my clients?

Yes you may do so, but TimeTec will not offer you any rental services. Your dealing with TimeTec would remain as an outright sales basis.

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