Leadership Principles
Leadership Principles
At TimeTec, we strive hard for innovation to maximize the benefits to our customers. Therefore, everyone who is under our employ should be equipped with leadership quality regardless of the position fulfilled. This characteristic is essential because we apply leadership quality regularly in solving problems, discussing ideas, improving operations, handling new projects, and developing new products.

TimeTec develops products and services that centred on providing customers with solutions to their problems. Leaders are intolerance to mediocrity. Leaders should focus on delivering superb customer experience by exceeding customer expectations which leads to improvement in customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Ownership is everything. Leaders never behave like tenants. Leaders are selfless and should act on behalf of the Company rather than focusing solely on their department or pursue just their interests. They take full responsibility for their jobs instead of merely completing the tasks at hand.

Leaders are resourceful. They don’t wait for full resources to tackle their task. They accomplish more with less. They can deal skillfully with new situations and difficulties, overcome problems with what is available.
Chase Long Term Value

Leaders think long term. They don’t settle long-term values with short-term results.
2-D Approach (Deep & Detailed)

Leaders operate at all levels, dive deep in details to find real solutions to real problems, leaving no stones unturned. Revisit the products and services frequently, review periodically, and improve perpetually.
Creative and Simplify

Leaders are critical and creative. They resent repetitive works and always find ways to improve and simplify. They will never say “I used to do things like this”.
Never Afraid of Failure

Leaders are never afraid of failure. Leaders realize that in everything that they do, there’s always a chance that they will fail. Leaders analyze and learn from the causes of failure, keep moving towards success.
Raise Performance Bar

Leaders raise the performance bar, relentlessly pursuing higher standards in every single task they initiate. Leaders are continually driving their teams to deliver high-quality products, services and processes.
Walk the Talk

Leaders deliver results. They make wise decisions fast and use measurable Key Performance Indicator at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching high targets in terms of business and processes.