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FingerTec News | 05/08/2020
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Subscribe Devices to TimeTec AWDMS & Connect to Ingress Software
What is the role of TimeTec AWDMS?
TimeTec AWDMS is an online application made available with APIs for third-party application developers to integrate with TimeTec terminals
Main Usage with AWDMS integration:
To retrieve user information, biometric data, transaction logs, and FingerTec devices information
Without TimeTec AWDMS

    The purchased FingerTec devices will be a standalone biometric reader that serves to detect identity with temperature reading.
    None of the data will be saved or stored within. Should users wish to trace records, it won’t accomplish without TimeTec AWDMS.
With TimeTec AWDMS

    This online application will provide users the accessibility
    - Terminal Management
    - User Management
    - Transaction Logs
    - User Access Control
    - Time Zone Settings
    - User Access Control Information
Learn about the insights and the true form of how behind-the-scene works
This System Linkage of TimeTec AWDMS is a technology that allows quick access to data and connects to manage workforce and movement. This integration provides a user-friendly interface that can be easily setup, configured and operated.

Made for Developers & Integrators

TimeTec AWDMS can now complete the seamless integration by having you to offer your customers the choice to execute a fully developed device operating system! Help your customers to connect their TimeTec terminals with us today by subscribing to TimeTec AWDMS.

TIMETEC AWDMS Subscription is a One-time Payment

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