BoTEMP Series
1. Can the data of the temperature be transferred to the software?
No. BoTemp series is a palm/wrist temperature reading machine that connects to the access control machine, and provides access if the temperature is below the set threshold. Nevertheless, TimeTec has hardware series that can transfer temperature data to the software, please click to Face Access Series here.
2. I'm using another brand of access control, can I add on this?
Yes. BoTemp series is an add-on reader and it also can be a standalone temperature reader.
3. Is calibration required?
No, calibration is not required.
4. Can we do the installation by ourselves?
Yes you can if you have the know-how. For door access installation, we recommend that you consult installer
5. Can we change the temperature measurement format from celsius to fahrenheit?
No, the BoTemp series is only available in Celsius.
6. Is the temperature sensitive to the environment surrounding heat?
No, the accuracy rate of the BoTemp series is +/-0.2ºC.
7. Does it use an infrared sensor to know when to detect and scan?
Yes. The device uses infrared sensors to detect and scan for body temperature.
8. Suitable for an outdoor environment ?
Recommended to be installed under a sheltered area and avoid direct sunlight.
9. Is it coming in with its own power?
No, it has to connect to a (5V~12V) power supply.
10. Can it work standalone without connecting it to FingerTec Devices?
Yes, it can. It can work standalone, and it can also connect to any machines with Wiegand through dry contact signal.
11. Can the temperature transaction logs be saved? (we can suggest the manual input of health screening)
No, it can’t. It serves the purpose to only grant access to those with normal temperature to access the door.
12. What is the warranty period ?
1-year limited warranty
13. Can it read on the forehead temperature aside from the palm temperature?
Yes, it can. But we recommend using the palm because it is more convenient.
14. Why do I need to link it to an alarm sensor?
It is to trigger the alarm when someone with high temperature (> 37.5) accessing the door. However, it is optional and you can opt to do without an alarm as well. Please refer to the user manual for more details.
15. If we connect it to the door access, the door will not open if someone with high temperature is trying to enter. Is there any way to bypass this?
No. This is the security offered by the BoTemp series in the midst of a pandemic.
16. If I have a high temperature and the door won’t open for me, would the access record show I tried to access the door ?
If you're using FingerTec devices, once you have verified your identity, the logs will be there. If you need to have the access status, it is recommended to connect the device to the door sensor so that you’ll be able to refer to the door status of each verification.
17. Are the settings done through a PC or through the machine itself?
The settings would have to be done at the device itself.
18. Is the temperature from the palm the same as the temperature from the forehead?
There is a slight variation between reading temperature from palm and forehead, +- 0.3°C.
19. What should I do if we get inaccurate reading such as 33.7°C?
Restart the device and take the temperature reading again. If the problem persists, it could be due to parts failure, proceed to claim for warranty.