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FingerTec News | 05/10/2020
Together We Build A New People Flow Experience
TimeTec and Kone working together with a shared goal to bring both sides products and services to a new height is absolutely a new networking opportunity for ourselves and others.

This video very much highlighted the paramount importance of embracing new technological advancement offered in the market and how beneficial it is to blend them in and give a radical change of environment at your premises.
Offered Solutions
*Solutions made suitable for different sites & venues, including commercial malls, offices, and residentials
TimeTec Parking
TimeTec VMS
TimeTec Access
These solutions can be constructed into a chain of services - formulating a true joint experience with Cloud and IoT solutions, in the most sustainable ways possible.
Compatible Devices
*Devices made suitable to be integrated with the aforementioned solutions

TimeTec offers a variety of solutions that expedite the transformation of premises into smarter buildings. By incorporating the latest recognition of cloud and technology practice, it simplifies the transition with an encouraging technological outcome and helps develop a new regulatory framework for those that desire high assurance of system controls for a positive change.
Stop letting what other defines who and how you are Create and determine your potential outcome
Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others, Inspire with TimeTec

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Note: Training with KONE team will be held in Oct 2020.