TimeTec Workforce (Series 2 of 6) -
TimeTec Workforce Series (Series 2 of 6)
Monitoring Attendance of Factory Workers Effectively
FingerTec News | 05/03/2021
Tracking work hours seem simple, but it is a crucial task for the labour-intensive manufacturing industry because inefficiency in time tracking will cause an unnecessary hike in operation cost. Tracking employees' regular work hours and overtime is a straightforward assignment. However, for the manufacturing industry, it often ties with multiple shifts, rotational shifts, overnight shifts, rapid scheduling, and last-minute shift swap, etc. Furthermore, the industry requires a system that tracks employees' tardiness and absenteeism, report the employee's whereabouts in real-time, which involves mobile technology. Hence, it could become a laborious daily operation process all by itself in the absence of a sound time attendance system.

For the manufacturing industry, the time attendance system's complexity multiplies by the need to eradicate buddy-punching to reduce time-theft and prevent the Covid-19 spread, which involves embedding automated body-temperature into biometrics clocking device.

"The occurrence of inaccurate employee clocking data can happen anywhere in the workplace if there is no formidable system to patch the frontend loophole. No matter how superior and accurate your backend payroll system is, it will never stop the inaccurate wages payout," explained Marcus Tng, TimeTec Smart Office Sales & Marketing Manager.

Marcus Tng
TimeTec Smart Office Sales & Marketing Manager.
"I came across a handful of large clients having a 'grandiose' full set HR solution, turned out regretting the 'full set' decision, and switched to TimeTec TA Time Attendance System at the end," Marcus Tng revealed.

Being the workforce management and biometric product expert, TimeTec Group recently released a Workforce Management Analysis Report on the Malaysia manufacturing industry based on 10,000 data points they collected. The analysis report shows that 98% of the manufacturing companies' employees use biometric devices to clock for attendance; 2% use App for GPS clocking, mainly for mobile employees, and only 0.1% are using web clocking, and those mainly are the admin department staff.

According to Marcus, "This proved that biometric devices are preferred to eradicate rampant buddy-punching occurrences in the factories."

The time attendance solution has evolved over the years. It was an administration system in the Windows-era and advancing to become an operational system in the Cloud-era. "In the Windows-era, time attendance is past tense. The system provides historical attendance reports mainly for payroll purposes. Now, it is present tense. For example, bosses can get instant mobile notifications remotely when an outlet that is supposed to open at ten remains closed and not attended to in time. It can be a future perfect tense when the system comes with data analytics capability that can help workforce planning."

When work from home and sporadic workplaces is allowed due to a pandemic's aftereffect, TimeTec TA's versatility is more appreciated by employers. "Besides the manufacturing sector, TimeTec workforce management solution extended to almost all industries, from small, medium enterprises to multinational corporations. And now, we received more inquiries not only for time and attendance but also for cloud leave and claim management with App, cloud recruitment system as well."

"When some clients started to compare their existing "grandiose" HR solutions with TimeTec Cloud Workforce Management Solutions, they started to discard a few more modules from their current solutions," said Marcus with confidence.

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