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Malaysia | 05/03/2019
“TOP-MECH” is a brand that persists in leading the industry with Innovation, Quality and Reliability, and has been accomplishing its goal for more than 100 years. The material handling industry has been sustained with this reputable global brand, provisioning 4 niche products (industrial crane products, heavy machinery, material handlers and AWP products).

The extensive growth of this business has always been in demand to remove unnecessary complexity in levels of management. With the massive influx of work that Top-Mech handles per day, the myriad of data to process per day, and the long list of workplace disputes to resolve everyday, it is challenging to keep up the pulse of the workplace.

When TimeTec reseller, Cloudix Enterprise, introduced TimeTec’s array of solutions to Top-Mech Provincial Sdn. Bhd., the management team has decided to discontinue the hobbling operation and took further actions to ameliorate what’s needed to be changed for long.
Top-Mech Subscribes To TimeTec TA 100 Users &
Installs QF Master
What’s to change?   Problems   Similarity
Punch Card Machine   • Unable to erase or reuse data
• Inability to perform random seeks of data
• Buddy Punching
  • Slow turnaround time
• Rise of disputes
• Inconsistency & Inaccuracy of information
Manual Data KeyIn   • High error rate
• Quality checks required
• Hateable process
• Prone to damage & being misplaced
Manual Overtime & Allowance Calculation   • Inaccurate payroll processing
• Stress risk
• Tedious preparation
Untraceable mobile workers   • Tracking productivity
• Lack of trust and security
• Difficult to unify company culture
What has changed after deploying QF Master &
TimeTec TA
1. Higher guaranteed of productivity
• Use of multiple flexible clocking options: QF Master Face Recognition & GPS Clocking
• Real time attendance monitoring on TimeTec TA (no manual works required)
• Effective shift scheduling for employees rotating shifts
2. Increase consistency of input & output
• TimeTec TA automated attendance system transfers real time data to server
• Lessen the burden of fuzzy logic search
• Reduces error and waste
3. More efficient use of resources
• Reduces operation cycle time
• Ensure better quality of records & reports
• Added flexibility to the management process
• Lower infrastructure and inventory costs
4. Improved management of labour cost & expenses
• TimeTec TA accurate time, date, and location capture
• Integrated with SQL Payroll system for precise OT calculation
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