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FingerTec News | 03/07/2020
Be resourceful
Many businesses have been finding ways to respond to the current Post Covid-19 pandemic. This means that the decision-makers of a business must be cognizant and considerate of the real impact on the internal operation, the people, the customers, and other relevant parties to address such circumstances.

Some businesses have been resuming its operation while some is on its way of preparation. Regardless, there are still things you can do to navigate better of all the uncertainty and set for success in the long-term.

In fact, there is an unprecedented pressure to opt and to put necessary measures in place to protect workers’ and people’s lives. With a wide range of products and services that are susceptible to flattery, you play an important role within the organization and should focus on the choices that resonate with your businesses. Be sure the insights of your choices are studied and that their commitment is promising: Knowing not every message is appropriate for every channel.

In a nutshell, be resourceful. Do not make any aggressive purchasing decisions.
TimeTec finds its relevance to the situation and fits its brand of products & solutions into places where it should belong to continue meeting the needs of the customers.
Strategic Recommendations & Resources for guiding your business through these unforeseen circumstances
Smart AC1/TD
Body temperature scanning completes the package of face recognition technology optimization

*Suitable for ALL residential and commercial buildings
Face ID 5
Free from Identity Fraud with touch-less technology paired with ultimate light-proof function

*Suitable for ALL residential and commercial buildings
TimeTec VMS
Relief visitor management with streamlined workflow and health screening feature

*Suitable for ALL residential and commercial buildings
TimeTec TA
Create a user-friendly platform for all employees to benefit from easy attendance check

*Suitable for ALL industries ALL businesses
Absorbing New Technology may be a great start to navigate the “New Normal” of business operation.
Adopting the Right Tool may present a bigger opportunity to focus on value-adding tasks.
These may not sound as difficult, but how sure are you to have avoided Product Liability?
TimeTec develops an array of products & solutions for an automated approach to protect business operation while accomplishing different desired digitization plans a business has in mind to combat Post Covid crisis.
** No matter if you own a big corporation or small enterprise, these devices and the digital thread are all readily available for immediate deployment. **

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