2020 Milestones
FingerTec News | 05/01/2021
Anti-Epidemic Products and Solutions
Responding to the threat of Covid-19 pandemic, TimeTec Group introduced Anti-Epidemic biometrics product series in May 2020. The Anti-Epidemic series offers consumers with biometrics devices that read body temperature. Some models can confirm that users are wearing a mask before anybody is allowed into the premises. This precautionary tool is contactless, preventing cross-contamination, and it provides crucial data in compliance with the requirements of the health authority. As the pandemic stretches, TimeTec launched BoTemp, a device that caters to businesses needing a simple tool to read patrons' body temperature. All the major TimeTec software, TimeTec TA, TimeTec VMS, Ingress and TCMS V3, are equipped with a temperature data column for automatic and manual recording of body temperature data.
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In October 2020, TimeTec Group, in collaboration with the Selangor State government, launched a program known as PRODUTK. Stands for Program Digitalisasi Urus Tadbir Tenaga Kerja, PRODUTK is a program that offers all eligible SMEs in Selangor to kickstart their digitalisation journey with TimeTec TA. TimeTec Group and the Selangor government sponsor a 3-month FREE TimeTec TA subscription to all SMEs in Selangor, for them to get to experience workforce digitalisation first hand, complete with a web platform and an App to boot. The program opens for three months from 1st October until 31st December 2020.
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3rd Party Collaboration
1+1=3 is the formula to explain an ecosystem, which means that you are getting more than what you bargained for. In 2020, TimeTec Group is actively engaging with other brands and solutions to add value to the ecosystem we nurture. Notable ones are TimeTec VMS integration with KONE, making TimeTec as KONE partner in Asia Pacific, Touch ‘n Go as system operator for barrier gates for i-Neighbour, and cashless partnership with eGHL and ipay88. View the charts to understand more.
i-TimeTec Smart Home Security
In November 2020, TimeTec Group introduced the most comprehensive security solution with a series of IoT products that can protect homes against theft, fire, water damage. It consists of a smart gateway complete with camera, door/window magnetic sensor, PIR motion sensor, smoke sensor, alarm siren and panic button for close monitoring of homes or offices through i-TimeTec App.
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TimeTec Parking
In December 2020, TimeTec Parking System was launched as a part of TimeTec's overall ecosystem. It is the first cloud-based parking solution in Malaysia, and it offers touchless and cashless operation to all patrons through its App. TimeTec Parking caters to more than parking, it is designed to connect drivers with other activities post-parking and adds extra value to the building owners, and users.
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