QF Plus is Now An Option for Face Attendance
TimeTec QF Plus
FingerTec News | 05/02/2021
Good news, now QF Plus is available for attendance via Ingress software attendance module by using the middleware, AWDMS.

QF Plus is an Android terminal preloaded with the mobile QF Master App, which performs face recognition or QR code verification. When the QF Plus is paired with the TimeTec BLE-2 controller via Bluetooth communication, it becomes a new breed of cloud access control system.

However, some customers are looking for an economical face recognition option, and this is where we offer QF Plus x Ingress for Attendance.
Why QF Plus is a good choice Time Attendance?
Face recognition with the latest visible light facial recognition technology
TimeTec Cloud seamless integration with multiple TimeTec cloud solutions for a holistic smart office digital transformation
Large capacity storage of up to 10,000 face templates and 1 million transaction logs
WiFi connectable for a clean installation with no wiring
What won't you get with QF Plus for Time attendance?
No QR Code option for you when you use QF Plus with Ingress for Attendance
You can’t use it for door access control
You can’t connect it with 4G
AWDMS Specs You Need to Know
Can Ingress work well with QF Plus?
Yes, the Ingress version 4.0.1.x or above supports QF Plus via AWDMS.
What are the PC specs to run both AWDMS and Ingress?
The PC specs required to run both AWDMS and Ingress are:
a. Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate or higher (64bit)
b. RAM: Minimum 8GB (Recommended 16GB)
c. CPU: i5 or better
Note: Please ensure that the operating system has applied the latest Windows patches if Windows 7 is employed.
Can Qf Plus be installed in open areas such as corridors or guardhouses?
No. Strongly recommended being used only indoors with room temperatures 28°C or below.
Which versions of Windows Operating System have been successfully installed with AWDMS and Ingress?
• Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate (64 bit)
• Windows 8 Professional (64 bit)
• Windows 10 Professional (64 bit)
• Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
• Windows 10 Home / Single Language (64 bit)
Are you interested in procuring TimeTec QF Plus?
Contact info@timeteccloud.com for quotation and enquiries.
+603 - 8070 9933