Hype Up Your Event with
TimeTec Hubot XV
FingerTec News | 05/08/2019
Ever thought of having robot for hire for your event? Now you can with TimeTec Hubot XV!

Hubot XV is an interactive robot receptionist that can offer an impressive visitor experience. The robot is loaded with interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) features and integrated with all the TimeTec IoT access control devices and it is programmed to interact with humans through vision, speech and body language.

As an event organizer, TimeTec Hubot XV can provide you with plenty of advantages that can boost your event’s exposure and coverage to another level. By having a robot as your event techno-mascot, immediately it projects high tech image that is aligned with Industrial Revolution 4.0 and at the same time appealing to the younger and more dynamic crowd. What’s more, you can use Hubot as a medium for VVIP to officiate the opening ceremony and handling of visitor registration at the rest of the time. Hubot also can also be prepared to perform on stage during the opening ceremony as a crowd puller.

Hubot is programmed to do the following:
  Interacting with visitors
  Registering visitors
  Performing on stage
  To be involved in opening ceremony
  Roaming the event hall
  Dressed as a techno-mascot
As the TimeTec Hubot XV inventor and owner,
TimeTec can provide you with:
An API and a pre-event preparation for organizer to Integrate with its visitor registration system
Technicians that can help to transport and technically handle the Hubot during the event
Insurance coverage for the Hubot during the transportation and during the event
Assistance in choreographing Hubot stage performance
An idea on how to design the opening ceremony that involves Hubot
Email us at info@timeteccloud.com or
call 03-80709933 for enquiries.