TimeTec Hubot XV
For Intelligent Building & Smart Community
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TimeTec Hubot is a universal and programmable smart mobile robot which has been loaded with various interesting autonomous features, tailored to suit cloud-based TimeTec Access, TimeTec VMS for Intelligent Building 4.0, and i-Neighbour Smart Community 4.0. Hubot is programmed to interact with human through vision, speech and body language, to achieve both automation and security for the visitor management at office towers and residential communities. Hubot can register walk-in visitors, verify pre-registered visitors, receive and dispatch deliveries on behalf of the recipients, report to the control room and many more. Hubot is taking artificial intelligence to the next step for a better, safer and more efficient community.
i-Neighbour & TimeTec VMS integration
Built-in with i-Neighbour App and TimeTec VMS App to carry out the entire visitor management for residences and office towers.
Built-in Video Call
Built-in with Video Call feature for communication between visitors, residents and office tenants.
Automation to Reduce Manpower
Improve automation to reduce or achieve unmanned guardhouse & reception counter
Visitor Verification
Visitors can slot-in MyKad/Driver's license with fingerprint module for identification; totally DIY.
Built-in OCR
Embedded with Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology to read Driver's License, Identity card and Passport to speed up visitor's registration process.
Visitee Notification
Send notification to visitee once visitor has been successfully checked-in.
Integrate with Smart Lift
Integratable with TimeTec BLE-16 permits Hubot to take lift to designated floor to dispatch items to residents/tenants
Integrate with Smart Access
Integrate Hubot with TimeTec BLE-2 and TimeTec BLE-5 for it to access smart turnstile, smart door and to automatically check-out visitors.
Duress Situation
Alert tenants and visitors to evacuate building during duress situation.
Control Room Integration
Alert person-in-charge or security supervisor in the control room whenever there is any out-of-the-ordinary scenario.
Visitor Greeting & Self Check-in Kiosk
Speech is incorporated to welcome visitors and Hubot also functions as a self check-in kiosk.


MODEL TimeTec Hubot XV
Visitor Reception Robot
DIMENSION, (LxWxH)MM 570 x 314 x 1364
MOVEMENT Traversable along paved road and sidewalks, packed dirt, slopes, obstacles (1cm), gaps (3cm)
DRIVING WHEELS AND ENCODERS 2 differential driving wheels, nominal power 400 W x 2 with high precision hall and magnetic encoders
CAMERA Front facing camera 720p HD
INPUT keyboard, camera
OUTPUT Voice greeting & guidance
ON BOARD SENSORS Ultrasonic sensors, infrared distance sensors, encoders, IMUs
CONNECTIVITY WiFi (802 b/g/n), NFC, Bluetooth 5.0
BATTERY SPECS Battery capacity 6450mAh, nominal voltage 51 Vdc, maximum charging voltage 58.8 Vdc
WEIGHT Approx. 32 kg
APP & CLOUD TimeTec VMS, i-Neighbour
LANGUAGE & SPEECH English, Arabic, Malay, Indonesia, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.
Other languages are available upon request.
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.