Secure Your Office with Contactless QF Plus

FingerTec News | 05/04/2020
The official day of release of another perfect edition of biometrics technology device is approaching!
How soon are we talking? Real Soon!
Looking for an upgrade or a new purchase to replace your premise’s biometrics terminal with a more robust exterior and exquisite design device? And that your ultimate goal is to get what you paid for? QF Plus will be the perfect choice if cloud and biometrics are what you seek in installing at your premises!
Fingerprint recognition is considered as the first and original biometric technology that was introduced to digital forensics. With the ever-increasing connected world, digitization has led to more security breaches. From there, biometric technology has been further developed. Biometric authentication with the measurement of a person’s physical characteristics including physiological traits such as eyes or even behavioural characteristics becomes the right security option to validate identities accurately.

With an increasing point of concern on data security and office spaces by most enterprises, biometric systems indeed offer an effective option to heighten the security for offices and data. The most widely recognized reason that most organizations shifted from traditional authentication to adopting biometrics is due to the fact that it is up to 97 % of Accuracy and it is Contactless. Data is secured. Recognition is reliable.
Authentication completes without having the need to touch the device not only protect the device from vandalism but can also avoid any unnecessary contact between people or strangers, giving an alternative measure on top of the health and safety regulation (for if any safety precaution is required).

Current biometric authentication built-in with facial recognition accommodates nearly all types of circumstances, users are only required to stand in front of the device for minutiae verification.
Along with the information stored in the system, biometrics technologies also enable the tracking of
  Time and Attendance

&   Door access

That being said, TimeTec QF Plus with pre-loaded QF Master app is a competent device powered with a software that will be satisfying the growing needs of all customers. It isn’t only a functional biometric device. All the more, it is establishing as a sustainable and reliable system for users.
Let QF Plus and QF Master app serve you right by securing your office

Less database requirement

Clear audit trail of every users’ performed activities

Simplified verification processes

High accuracy

Unforgeable data
After rigorous testing of both hardware and software, TimeTec is now finally proud to announce that
QF Plus is marketing its way into your doorstep!

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