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The Face Recognition on Cloud

FingerTec News | 05/03/2019
A product becomes authentic when customers love them.
A service becomes professional when customers reckon it exceeds expectations.
The centrality toward these statements is the supply and demand chain management. We know that a business will never succeed if the team focuses only on the supply chain without responding to the demand signals. The concept of a demand-driven supply chain (DDSC) reminds business leaders to pinpoint specifics and executes a series of attribute satisfaction measurements to make full advantages of consumers’ expectations.
QF Plus is the winning combination of aesthetic efficacy and authenticity.

The cogency of this technology has made this a successful impending production. TimeTec believes this can be intriguing for customers who are finicky about the exterior of a product and the high infrastructure costs. Above all, this version will address customers who get exceptionally particular about the features, responsiveness, and sustainability.
TimeTec QF Master is pre-loaded on the TimeTec QF Plus
Product Specification

QF Plus
Face Templates Capacity Up to 10,000
Transaction Logs Up to 1,000,000
Communication Protocols WiFi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, USB & GPS
Contactless Identification Yes
Recognition Distance < 3 meters
High Antispoof & Verification ability Yes
Cloud Software
Push Technology Yes
Worldwide Network Setting Yes
Pose Angle Tolerance ±30 degree
Model Size Comparison Iphone XS Max
Mobile OS Android 4.0.2 and above, iOS 8.0 and above
Anti-Passback Feature Yes
Matching abundantly the attributes, QF Plus will be taking over the heart of many in a trice.
4 easy steps to full QF Plus installation

  Adhere the model at preferred location
  Install the QF Master application
  Quick system setup
  Launch for operation
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There is more to achieve within a year of time, TimeTec QF Plus is definitely one of the many.

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