TimeTec Debut Hubot XV at IFSEC SEA 2019:
A Robot Receptionist
FingerTec News | 05/04/2019
IFSEC Southeast Asia is the leading security, fire and safety event in this region and in 2019, it was held at at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Malaysia’s largest and most innovative exhibition centre to date. This exhibition gathered products, services and technology in the region in connection with mechanical and electrical engineering for various industries, and over 1,000 exhibitors from the region took part in this prestigious event.
TimeTec participated in this 3-day event showcasing an array of smart solutions to display to over 20,000 visitors who thronged the show. IFSEC SEA 2019 was indeed a great platform for TimeTec to debut our own Robot Receptionist named TimeTec Hubot XV. Hubot was placed at the show to greet visitors and to showcase the latest way of managing visitors via iComm, the cloud intercom. With Hubot XV, all visitors need to do is to input the details of the person they want to meet and they can intercom him/her from Hubot for approval. TimeTec Hubot XV is changing Visitor Management System works and it takes automation of visitor management to another level.
On top of the amazing Hubot, TimeTec also demonstrated how easy it is to connect TimeTec BLE-2 to doors and to obtain access effortlessly via iTimeTec or TimeTec Access. The TimeTec BLE-2 is an IoT controller that connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone App, and via iTimeTec, the door can be unlocked through 4 ways: tap on screen, auto unlock, voice unlock and QR code scan. For a larger-scale installation, the TimeTec BLE-2 can be installed in TimeTec Access for better access management with multiple doors and what’s more, the data from TimeTec Access can be linked to TimeTec TA for attendance via TimeTec BLE-2.
The core of TimeTec Smart Solutions is connectedness, where every solution is designed to be able to connect to the other solutions effortlessly in order to provide added values to clients. In IFSEC as well, i-Neighbour added yet another solution into its vast Smart Community Solution with TimeTec LPR. This License Plate Recognition can carry out vehicle recognition automation for a community to control vehicle movements into and from an enclave.
At this grand event also, FingerTec unveiled the latest of its face recognition model, Face ID X which offers consumers with Bigger storage and Better performance ever. The Face ID X offers up to 30,000 face templates for 1-to-1 verification and 3,000 face templates for 1-to-many verification method as compared to only 1200 in Face ID 2. Besides, Face ID X also can contain up to a whopping 1 million transactions at a time, 5 times more than a regular face recognition device can deliver.
Many TimeTec resellers nationwide and visitors from the region came to visit TimeTec booth to learn about the latest offerings, and to experience all the solutions first hand. The best part of all was they get to say hello to the first TimeTec Hubot XV ever showcased to a crowd.
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