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FingerTec News | 04/09/2020
Covid-19 presents new challenges to businesses around the globe, and one primary concern of the existing users of biometrics products is how to maintain the current system and to have safety features installed into the system in coping with this current situation, as to replace the existing biometric machines with the new ones is too high a cost.

Therefore, TimeTec presents a simple and affordable solution: BoTemp Series.
  5 Reasons to Install BoTemp alongside the existing biometric machines
To scan the body temperature of the crowd via palm reading, accurate and convenient
Install with a siren to alert premises when the body temperature exceeds the threshold level
Disallow entry if body temperature read by BoTemp exceeds the threshold level
BoTemp only costs 12-15% of the new facial recognition system complete with a temperature scanner and face mask indicator, and a company only needs to install at the main entrances.
BoTemp is small, easy to install neatly.
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