QF Plus
The Android Access has arrived
FingerTec News | 05/11/2020
QF Plus is an Android terminal pre-loaded with QF Master App, offering contactless verifications in two ways.
Face recognition
QR Code
QF Plus offers an easy switch from the conventional access control to the
Smart Access System in 3 simple steps
Install door accessories. You can use your existing, if available.
Connect QF Plus and TimeTec BLE controller to your door.
Connect them to TimeTec Access for Smart Door Access, TimeTec VMS for Smart Visitor Management and TimeTec TA for Smart Attendance.
Note: QF Plus can connect to the Windows-based Free Ingress software for attendance purposes.
Benefits of QF Plus
Contactless, it eliminates the chance of cross-contamination, safer and reliable.
Verification Options, use either QR code and/or face, both are convenient.
Integrable with TimeTec Access, TimeTec VMS for Smart Visitor Management and TimeTec TA for Smart Attendance, one device for multiple purposes.
Big capacity as it sustains up to 10,000 templates and 1 million transaction logs
Choose TimeTec Access for your QF Plus for Smart Access Control
Better Data Centralization
Every access point and its data is available on one system, making the management of them easier
Effective Automation
Manage the settings of each access points better with automation
Ease of Access to Information
erform customizable accessibility settings for better communication means and gain full use of available resources for security check and guarantee
Accurate Information
It caters from a simple to complex access control settings
Provides more accurate access point data and activities
Specific Locations
Better location view of access points with cloud access control
Elevated Security
All access points data are available and accessible at all times
Settings are done according to access level for secured data management
No server investment, no expensive hardware and high maintenance fee
Get a package of
QF Plus + TimeTec BLE + 1 year TimeTec Access
at a great discount in November 2020
Limited to the first 100 units. First come, first serve basis.
+603 - 8070 9933