JMBs and JMCs, Take Advantage of this CSR Program for the Benefit of Your Community.
i-Neighbour Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program
TimeTecTivity | 05/11/2019
i-Neighbour CSR Grant?
Yes. Have you not heard about it?
Well, apparently I have...since my neighbourhood has implemented the i-Neighbour smart community solution too, but can you tell me more about this CSR grant?
Sure I can! This i-Neighbour CSR Grant program is actually offering a strong 600 qualified communities with at least RM8 million worth of sponsorship. They do sponsorship with a total of RM13,300.00 per community for i-Neighbour smart community system's first-year subscription and a guardhouse tablet.
This sounds extremely interesting! Will all the successful communities receive an equal amount of a total Rm13,300.00 sponsorship though?
Not necessarily in all cases. This RM13,300.00 amount will split into two parts. The first is RM10,000 worth of i-Neighbour smart community solution's first-year subscription sponsored by TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd, and the remaining Rm3,300 which is the second part is for a guardhouse tablet set sponsored by the event's main sponsor United Overseas Bank (UOB) and that has a different set of terms and conditions to be fulfilled.
What different sets of terms and conditions are you referring to?
Let me give you an example. If a neighbourhood couldn't fulfill the requirements set forth by the UOB but it is qualified for the first part, they will only receive sponsorship of RM10,000.00 maximum, without getting the free tablet set. Plus, the amount of i-Neighbour Smart Community System's first year subscription fee might differ based on the total household units and the package chosen. Therefore, the final amounts can be varied but TimeTec offers a maximum of RM10,000 per community. But, any community spends less than the grant's maximum total, the balance will not be reimbursed in cash or in any kind or any way.
Fair enough. But, would the amount RM13,300 sufficient to cover the smart community system installation in a community?
Well, apparently is a Yes from them. The grant covers the fundamentals of a smart community system. However, different communities may have different requirements for their living environment. Hence, this system offers many other components for a community to cover a bigger scope such as cloud accounting system for property management, cloud patrol system for security guards, i-environ for smart community environment and many options of IoT hardware products for security and access control...You can definitely visit their website at to skim through their list of products and how they can actually benefit your neighbourhood.
It all does sound great up till this moment. In fact, what I am concerned about now is, how high are the chances of getting this i-Neighbour CSR Grant?
The chances are great when your neighbourhood fulfills the requirements. Oh! The quicker you submit the better since earlier submission will yield better results because their approval process is based on a first come first serve basis.
You have mentioned earlier that the RM10,000 worth of i-Neighbour smart community solution is fully sponsored by TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd for first-year subscription right? What happens after the first year? Are we bound by law to pay the subscription for the following years?
Don't even have to worry about it. Like all other cloud solutions, the prices are all based on subscription. The i-Neighbour CSR Grant covers the first year subscription and there is no agreement to abide a community to continue with the system if they didn't want to. The community can opt to discontinue the system after one-year free usage, absolutely no attachment or whatsoever.
Let's say if my community got this grant, and use it for one year. Right after one year of using it, we found out that our community couldn't afford to pay for the subscription cost, does it mean that we have to stop using i-Neighbour?
Not necessarily. The good thing is i-Neighbour also have many solutions that your community can tap on to reduce or offset the subscription fee, for example, they have this i-Ad or elevator ad space provider OR you can take part in their referral program to earn community credit that will help you to resolve the subscription payment problem.
That is a good solution indeed! As you recall, my neighbourhood has already subscribed to i-Neighbour. Can my community still apply for this grant?
Of course! Your community can, in fact, take this opportunity to upgrade the i-Neighbour System with other subsystems like i-Comm, i-Account, TimeTec TA, QR Master and other solutions which your community are interested in.
Can I apply the grant for my neighbourhood instead?
Absolutely yes!
So, basically, everyone can apply for this i-Neighbour CSR Grant?
Yes, but you have to make sure that you are joined as a committee member of the Joint Management Bodies (JMB)/Management Corporation (MC)/ Residents' Associations (RA) and that you get a support letter from the Chairman. After you become an active JMB/MC/RA for both strata and non-strata titled, landed and high-rise residential communities in Malaysia, you will be eligible to apply for this grant.
Wait wait, can you rephrase this and make it easier for me to understand? It sounds a little complicated.
Don't be! Only 3 major requirements you need to acquire to get approved for the i-Neighbour CSR Grant. First, a neighbourhood must have a JMB/MC/RA. Second, a support letter endorsed by JMB/MC/RA's Chairman and third, the applicant must be one of the committee members of the JMB/MC/RA. .
Thanks mate! You sure know a comprehensive list of details of the i-Neighbour CSR program. What actually convinces you to join this CSR program from the very beginning?
I am not going to lie to you. I did have doubts and concerns, but since they provide one full year free subscription and the chances to develop my community into a smarter community, I question myself, Why not? What really got me into the i-Neighbour CSR Program was actually the assurance they made on their products and services. TimeTec team have also created a detailed criteria for those neighbourhood who are interested in implementing a new system/ a new technology but still feeling uncertain and doubtful about it. Here you go!
This can definitely address all of my concerns! By the way, when is the deadline for this grant application?
The application and submission of all the compulsory documents must be submitted to TimeTec by 31 December 2019. If you would like to refer to everything I've mentioned earlier, you should definitely browse through their FAQ site. Guarantee you'll find all the information you need to know about their CSR Grant Program!