Why HALP is helping businesses reduce work processes?
FingerTec News | 05/11/2019
TimeTec HALP aces 3 Business Bullseyes by
Revitalizing Organization Structure
Regaining Operational Performance
Reviving Team's Morale
Finding the Value Proposition Bullseye for your business with TimeTec HALP, This is an all-embracing steadfast solution that builds exclusively for human resources specialists to mitigate their workload problem.

Let us see through an HR specialist's eye
Nothing beats a good cup of coffee to start a day in the office? HR mostly needs more than just one to deal with a multitude of conditions and jobs that are tasked not to have a date of completion. This refers to tons of recruiting matters that need to be dealt with immediately, people to meet every day, meetings, and reports to manage so frequently, etc., make HR an indispensable team and a crucial part of formation within an organization. As though it is the employees' job to carry out optimal performance out of their job scopes, it is also the employers' duty to encourage effective working experience and techniques.

Indeed, a business works better when they can think fast and act fast. TimeTec HALP solutions are one top choice to be quick on the draw for organizations to get ahead in the world of business. Never learn to stay accustomed, discover breakthrough and keep hustling.

TimeTec HALP is here to help with


  A centralized and flexible hiring solution
  Able to determine your business needs and works out a perfect hiring workflow that suits only to your business' intention.
  Quicken the pace of employee sourcing in finding like-minded individuals
  Build an effective hiring team
  Avoid subjective preferences

Prepping a laid out plan for recruitment is tough since there are too many ins and outs of the hiring process that might need to be taken care of, if not properly systemized. Becoming a TimeTec TA user offers businesses an opportunity to learn the paperless way to untangle from manual application screening, manual phone calling, manual resumes printing, manual interview calling and more. Want to build an unshakable team even when the earthquake hits? Do this right, Do this professionally.


  Real-time staff attendance monitoring
  SIX flexible attendance clocking methods
  Tardiness tracker and checker
  31 report format for analysis & evaluation
  Strong cloud-based server with an accurate data record

Relying on punch cards and double verification on attendance records reduce work productivity when everything can be done so easily with all-time clocking data stored in the system for faster record retrieval. Without delay, without excuse, work with TimeTec Attendance, a proficient and punctilious technique for attendance check.


  Streamlining leave application and approval process
  Optimize workforce control
  Support employees' well-being for better performance
  Centralized company's leave management in one centralized system
  Standardized service accruals and policies

Trails of employees' leave can be hard to retrace after weeks, months or years. Employers might one day wish to re-evaluate a staff for salary increment or benefits, however, without certain evidence to decide the worthiness of such decisions can lead to an irrational agreement. Another case to consider in a bigger organization is to have a pile of applications sent to the management and make mistakes during labour arrangement (excessive staffs off duty can cause declination of businesses' productivity). Avoid committing mistakes or becoming a scapegoat of someone else's' flaw with streamlined time-saving TimeTec Leave.


  Create businesses' uniqueness
  Safeguard confidential matters
  User-friendly for staff details management
  Enhance effective staff communication
  Building organizational hierarchy

Knowing who is working within the organization is important. Employees' profile is often neglected by most employers, simply because it is more than enough to know just their names and basic information for verification purposes. Learning beyond an employee's identity card gives you extra knowledge and acknowledgment in your employees' capability and the chances of minimizing a company's future liability have greater possibility.