TimeTectivity  05/11/2017
TimeTec In Support of Chinese Education
In Malaysia, Chinese vernacular schools play an important role within the education system of the country. That is because language represents a very important aspect in our Malaysian Culture. So much so that over the last few years, Chinese vernacular schools in Malaysia have started to receive increasing amount of enrolments from both Chinese as well as non-Chinese students alike. It is within these schools whereby Chinese students will get the opportunity to learn more about their mother tongue or in this case, the Mandarin language.

Now with over 1,200 vernacular schools nationwide, the Persatuan Jaringan Ibubapa Pencinta Pendidikan Bahasa Zhong Hua (established in 2006) continues to be at the heart of a national movement in promoting national exchanges and cooperation with chinese vernacular primary schools all over the nation, to advocate the ideals of a holistic education system, to safeguard the Chinese language and curriculum as well as protecting the welfare of all vernacular school students.

In recognition of this noble goal, TimeTec has decided to make a contribution of RM12,000 to Persatuan Zhong Hua in order to help them continue with their honourable mission. The access to quality education is a right of every child and TimeTec is proud to have assisted in such a great and admirable cause.