FingerTec News  05/11/2016
TimeTec Travelled to Singapore for Cloud Expo Asia 2016
TimeTec flew to Singapore for a 2-day event of Cloud Expo Asia 2016 from 12 to 13 October 2016. The main objective of the participation was to showcase TimeTec’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the visitors and fellow exhibitors, hoping to find interested parties who want to distribute our solutions to their prospective leads. Nonetheless, like any other cloud exhibitions we attended over the year, the focus of this expo remained on the basic of building cloud solutions, such as its infrastructure, its security issues, its reliability, etc. In our opinions, cloud SaaS market is still vacant, and there is huge space to be filled by developers out there in this growing market.

In this expo, TimeTec demonstrated some of our readily available solutions such as TimeTec TA that has been marketed worldwide almost a year to date. TimeTec Patrol and i-Neighbour were showcased for the first time for the public to view.

With TimeTec TA, we assure businesses with reliable and comprehensive workforce management solution covering various aspects such as attendance, scheduling, work roster management, issues of human resources, and etc. TimeTec Patrol tackles the need of security company to monitor the patrol rounds carried out by their security guards in real time to make sure that cost is controlled and productivity maintained. TimeTec also offers a residential Visitor Management System, i-Neighbour for high-rise resident and gated guarded community to handle visitors into their neighbourhood with EpiCamera embedded as the cloud surveillance solution storage. There are a few more solutions in the pipeline by TimeTec such as Hire for office recruitment, Leave for leave management, VMS for office visitor management solution and Mobile Workforce to tackle fleet management. Basically, TimeTec focuses on workforce management and solutions for security industry.

Cloud solution is the future trend of software consumption and TimeTec is proud to be one of the pioneers in this cloud venture.

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