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Self-Service Employee Profile
FingerTec News | 05/05/2021
“When an employee collapsed in the middle of work, besides doing all the medical necessities, we also called his emergency contact but couldn’t reach anyone due to the outdated employee records. Unfortunately, the employee passed away, and the wife sued our company because of the delay in contacting his family members. The litigation had a ground because his family was well aware of his medical complication and knew what to do if we contacted his wife in time.” Teh Hon Seng, CEO of TimeTec Group, recalled a real case encountered by a HR manager, where her employer got into a situation by not updating the employees’ emergency contact information. Teh said, “In fact, life and death matter is larger than a court case.”

“If employers adopted a self-service system, the employees could update the data themselves regularly or be obligated to do so if any information changes. For example, a home address might need a change if an employee moved to another house in another location or may want to remove their spouse from the emergency contact or change of emergency contact in the case of divorce. Employees can do all these updates through a mobile App.”
“Of course, certain fields like name, IC and EPF number cannot be altered by employees; that’s how self-service TimeTec Profile works for employers. According to their needs, employers can add profile fields, set the auto-alert once or twice a year to notify employees to update their personal information. Any update from employees can require auto-update or approval by HR before updating. And, the audit trail feature is provided to trace the changes.”
TimeTec Profile also provides the analytic dashboard for employers to understand their employment demographics like gender and age group analysis.

Teh continued, “I dare say more than 90% of employers, especially SMEs, don’t keep the employee profile updated. If a candidate still manually fills a job application form when he comes for a job interview, then most probably, the employee profile is locked away in a cabinet. If you worked there for 15 years, most probably your ‘latest’ profile in the company is still ‘single’, your job position is still at an ‘executive’ level even though you have been married with three kids, and you are now a director of the company.”

The self-service employee profile platform shifted the fundamental responsibility back to the employees themselves and ensured employers had reliable data quality to keep the information intact and always updated.
Besides cloud-based TimeTec Profile, TimeTec offers cloud-based TimeTec Hire at the very beginning of the employee journey in a company; the employee used the employee profile during the job application to fill up the resume online. The TimeTec Profile also served the TimeTec Smart Workforce system as a foundation, such as TimeTec TA for time attendance, TimeTec Leave for leave management and TimeTec Claim for claim management.

The good news is, TimeTec Profile is entirely free for customers if they subscribe to any one of TimeTec Smart Workforce solutions. If customers only require TimeTec Profile, it only costs RM0.20 per employee per month or RM2.40 per employee per year.
For FREE demo and consultation of TimeTec solutions, contact Mr Marcus Tng, Sales and Marketing Manager of TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. at marcus@timeteccloud.com (016-960 8348) or Mr Syed Mohd Firdaus Syed Mohd Fuzi at syed@timeteccloud.com (012-947 8907). General line and email: 03-8070 9933 and info@timeteccloud.com.
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About TimeTec
TimeTec Group was established in 2000. Over 20 years, the Group had developed three homegrown globally recognized IT brands, FingerTec, TimeTec and iNeighbour, for workforce management, security, smart office, smart residential and smart township solutions by unleashing the power of biometrics, cloud & edge computing, IoT and AI technologies. All these solutions connect and change the landscape of work life and home life in a larger ecosystem. Through a vast network, TimeTec Group distributes its biometric hardware products and 16 cloud applications, including IoT devices, to more than 150 countries worldwide. Visit our company websites at www.timeteccloud.com, www.fingertec.com, www.ineighbour.com

TimeTec solutions have been in the market for around eight years with a string of renowned clients such as QSR Brands, Central Sugars Refinery CSR, Sunway Constructions, Mamee, Yakult, and Adabi and many more. The versatility and feasibility of the product also attract various international customers from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, Qatar, South Africa etc. that are using TimeTec as their workforce digitalization tool.
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