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FingerTec News | 05/03/2019
The outbreak of an influenza pandemic, COVID-19, has conquered the world by terror. Many have been living amid fears since the death toll jumps as a global epidemic deepens. This infectious disease continues to circulate in the air that we are breathing. More crucially, it has accounted for the many damages caused to the global economy, businesses and people. Known for a fact that COVID-19 has been causing a global recession without an actual established antidote to put this to an end, the antidote to fears has declared an emergency.

When the world is in chaos with doctors busying treating the ills, cadres of medical scientists urgently developing drugs and vaccines; investors anticipating the stock markets rebound; business owners agitating the massive loss in profitability, the rest of the people are just trying hard to not succumb under these desperate circumstances. And, the majority of these people are the workers.
TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. hopes that the solutions the business have developed can be adapted to protect these people and can be adopted as one of the infection control practices to combat this infectious disease alongside.

  None of us wishes to see more of us become the victim that claims to be the COVID-19 disease carrier.
  None of us wishes to see more of us become the perfect target for the virus.
TimeTec has just the Perfect Safety Measure to help fight this battle together. Are you Up For It?

Work From Home option on TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave

We encourage employers to implement a choice for temporarily remote work option, in other words, Work From Home option, for if the situation goes worse. We all know that this will be just temporary. However, the employer still has to safeguard their interest while protecting their employees and lowering the risk of them from being exposed to virus-infected areas.
TimeTec TA Work From Home says No to COVID-19

•  Increase Employee Retention
Show empathy to the situation and provide them with the sense of security
•  Minimize waste of resources maintaining the daily routine job
Automated the attendance monitoring tasks and focus on bigger achievement
•  Minds are more at ease, a higher focus on work
Employees want to work in an environment that they feel safest
•  Give the employee the flexibility of handling their work ethics
Show them the trust you have for them despite they are not on-prem working
Fast Leave Application & Approval for Work From Home via TimeTec Leave


No need for physical nor hard-copy submission (Apply directly online via mobile app from home)
Fit perfectly the No-contact policy
No risks exposure to the virus
Easy accessible to All Leave Details
Details recorded
More Adaptable Attributes

TimeTec TA
•  Workflow housed in the cloud
•  Easy Punch in/out
•  Personalization
•  Accurate GPS capture
•  User-friendly parameter settings
•  A proven system of handling automated tasks
•  Real-Time Sync for Real-time Monitoring
TimeTec Leave
•  Approval structure (Pre-approved/ Auto-approval Leave feature)
•  Easy update & Edit feature
•  Workforce Rostering Feature
TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave
are apps that runs in the background, lightweight and simple to use
Encourage the temporarily remote status
Let’s practice this to prevent the further spread of COVID-19