TimeTecTivity | 05/03/2019
TimeTec Gives Back
With the lunar new year celebrations going on, we at TimeTec believe it is important to not forget about the true meaning of community and we are doing our part to show our appreciation and care for those around us. We have extended donations and contributions to Yayasan Dazhi a not-for-profit organisation.
Yayasan Dazhi was initiated by a group of individuals passionate about preserving the rich history and culture of Buddhism and its values in Malaysia. This organisation highlights the efforts and initiatives done by the Buddhist temples, groups and organisations throughout the country. Extending from that, the organisation also makes great strides in raising the public awareness about Buddhism whilst promoting welfare activities and cultivating intercultural relationships thereby connecting in harmony with our local communities.
We at TimeTec are honored to help in our own way by contributing to Yayasan Dazhi so that their efforts may continue to enrich the lives of the communities around them and continue to do so. Communities are the building blocks of any society and we are grateful to be able to do our part in helping and supporting our local communities.
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