TimeTecTivity | 02/03/2018
TimeTec Starting 2018 By Giving Back
Even though the celebration of Chinese New Year has come to an end but the season of festivities still lingers on in our hearts. With this in mind, TimeTec decided that right now is the best moment to show our care and appreciation by giving back. Therefore, TimeTec took this opportunity to donate to a non-profit organisation known as Yayasan Dazhi.

Yayasan Dazhi is a foundation initiated by a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about preserving the history of Buddhism in Malaysia and aims to highlight the works that are carried out by the Buddhist temples and organisations in the country. Moreover, the organisation also aspires to raise the public awareness regarding Buddhism, bridge the gap within the local community by cultivating intercultural relationships and performing social welfare activities.

TimeTec is honoured to be able to lend a helping hand by contributing a generous amount of donations to support Yayasan Dazhi’s cause and vision in the hopes that they will be able to continue their noble endeavors. TimeTec believes that communities are the backbone of our society, therefore giving back to our community and helping out to meet their needs is something that we are proud of.

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