FingerTec News | 05/06/2018
TimeTec Solutions Promoted in South Africa
TimeTec participated in the 3-day exhibition at Securex 2018 happening in Johannesburg, South Africa from 22nd to 24th April 2018. It was the second year in a row TimeTec has participated in the leading security and fire trade exhibition in the Africa continent. The visitors in this show are mainly from security companies looking for better products and services to be implemented in their company operations. Hence, TimeTec took this opportunity to showcase the state-of-the-art cloud solutions to the masses.

TimeTec Patrol continues to get the most of the visitors’ attention, as comprehensive patrolling tool is crucial for the security industries in South Africa. TimeTec Patrol App allows security guards to perform patrolling rounds by scanning on Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag or Bluetooth Low Energy (Beacon) device as checkpoints via their smartphones. Our visitors are also impressed with the extra features equipped in the App such as reporting incidents with photos/voice note, S.O.S distress signals, and many more. This makes it easier for security supervisors to monitor not only the patrolling records, but also the activities reported during the patrolling rounds. To know more about TimeTec Patrol, get started by clicking on the link below.

Checkpoint Scan Made Easy with NFC
View & Manage Scheduled Routes
Report Incidents As it Happens
SOS Alert during Emergencies Complete with Photos
Receive Ad-Hoc Job Orders During Rounds
Get Notified for Crucial Information
Access to Emergency Contacts At All Times
Real-Time Monitoring of Guards Whereabout
Offline Mode for Patrolling Routes

At the same event, i-Neighbour was likewise staged to the crowd; targeted mainly for Housing Developers and Real Estate Management. i-Neighbour is a Smart Community System primarily designed to manage the visitors of gated guarded and high-rise communities, as well as incorporate an array of Internet Of Things (IoT) Smart Security Series to provide a comprehensive Smart Community System through cloud technology. Additionally, i-Neighbour App improves the communications between neighbourhood’s management, residents and security guards with features such as Report Defect, Facility Booking, Maintenance Payment, Panic Button, QR Code Access and many more. Getting Interested? Click the link below to find out more!
i-Neighbour Smart Community System
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On the other hand, TimeTec also showcased its latest security products, i.e. TimeTec Access and TimeTec Security to throngs of visitors within the show. These new solutions offer a smartphone App: TimeTec Security as an access credential to unlock doors or other devices such as barrier gates and autogates. Tapping on the the Bluetooth Low Energy technology in conjunction with TimeTec BLE-2, the system provides users with the capability to unlock doors or barriers using only their voice on the smartphone. What’s more, this concept does not require any network connection for it to work and all door transaction records are safely stored in the users’ smartphone in addition to being uploaded into TimeTec Access cloud server.

The future is now and the market is looking for cloud-based solutions that are simple, effective, affordable and scalable. TimeTec is also looking for companies to join our TimeTec Global Reseller Program for reselling opportunities and to start making money effortlessly with us.

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