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A Sharing Session At the Malaysia SME Business Summit 2019
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Malaysia | 05/07/2019
On 25th June 2019, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KLSCCCI) organized the Malaysia SME Business Summit 2019 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur with the theme “Transform, Elevate and Innovate”, discussing on how to drive productivity for the nation through Industry 4.0 as well as how and what we can do to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0.

Towards the end of the event, the organizer featured a sharing session comprising of companies that have been using modern solutions to tackle issues they face in SME operations. TimeTec as a co-sponsor is invited to feature one of our clients in the sharing sessions and we have the honor of Dr Afendi Dahlan, Business Development Director from DR Group Holdings Sdn Bhd to be TimeTec representative during the event.

Dr Afendi shared with the crowd the need to change to a better office system and ditched the saying ‘don’t fix what is not broken’ mantra widely belief by many. Because, apart from the cost, efficiency of the resources needs to be evaluated as well so these top minds can better contribute to the advancement of the organization rather than spending valuable time for mundane tasks such as payroll or collecting attendance. Human resources for example is an integral part in resource development in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and they ought to do more by now instead of doing what a system can deliver.
He also shared how he managed to successfully convinced his skeptical management team to agree to a change in the system. Only after the system was able to provide evidence that could be presented to the management that the company agreed to deploy the system in a larger scale. The strategy of TimeTec to offer Proof of Concept session to prospective clients has proven to work because they will be given the first hand experience on the system prior to making decisions.

Currently, DR Group Holdings is subscribing to both TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave to manage its multiple branches nationwide. According to Dr Afendi, change has to come progressively, it has to be managed in a diplomatic yet tactical way so you don’t step on anyone’s toes, a top down approach. And, those who initiated change has to also be ready for the resistance and to deal with skeptics, and find out a way to offer a path of least resistance in implementing the solutions to the company.
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