TimeTec RnD Boosts Cooperation Via DevOps Workshop
FingerTec News | 03/07/2018
On the 31st of May 2018, TimeTec Research and Development Team participated in a Practical DevOps Workshop that took place at the R&D Center in i-Tech Tower, Cyberjaya. This full day workshop revolves around how engineers can cooperate together throughout a product’s entire service lifecycle in order to enhance its support.

The speaker of the day, Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh, a Professional Scrum Trainer guided the team with numerous vital information regarding the concept of DevOps and to also be wary of any misconceptions. TimeTec RnD Team were also introduced to the three main DevOps principles, i.e. System Thinking, Amplify Feedback Loop and Continuous Improvement that should always be implemented to greatly improve the quality of a product.

All in all, TimeTec RnD Team is thus better equipped with both knowledge and skills that could vastly assist in their cooperation to develop products that would more effectively serve our valuable customers. At TimeTec, we produce advanced Smart Solutions that tremendously benefit the WorkForce Management, Security and Residential Property industries. Explore our cloud products for your better future.