Introducing TimeTec Smart Township Ecosystem
FingerTec News | 05/01/2021
In a mixed development, the successfulness of Smart Township Project can be evaluated and summarized in three different levels:
First Level:

Technology Oriented:
Infostructure, 5G, IoT, Cloud & Edge Computing etc
Second Level:

Contents Oriented:
Cloud Applications & Apps
Third Phase:
Digital Lifestyle

User Experience Oriented:
Big Data, Predictive Analysis, AI
Digital infrastructure is added as part and parcel for any smart township project. All activities within the township can be interconnected, enabled by 5G technology and driven by data; and eventually boost system efficiency, generate greater benefits and create value to the people in the ecosystem.

With the many ready fundamental cloud modules, TimeTec Cloud City, aims to connect all these different functionalities to accommodate both the home-life and work-life of the people within the ecosystem, and meet the digital lift style demand of tomorrow.
We extracts a few slides here to illustrate TimeTec Township Ecosystem:
Digital Lifestyle for Residents Home-Life
Home Level Use connected i-Neighbour Super App to Control IoT devices at home
Community Level i-Neighbour Super App to manage residents, visitors, guard, property management and merchant
Township Level Connect residents to merchants to create commercial activities
City Level Connect to Government API, LRT/MRT or other apps.
Digital Lifestyle for Employees Work-Life
Office Level Workforce Management - Attendance, Leave, Hire,Claim, Profile, IoT Access
Building Level People flow from car park - Lift - turnstile - door access control, visitor management Security - Alarm, Surveillance, Patrol
Township Level Connect employees to merchants to create commercial activities
City Level Connect to Government API, LRT/ MRT or other apps.
5 Main Pillars to Build A Smart Township
Fueled by cloud and edge computing, IoT, AI, and 5G infostructure, TimeTec offers more than 10 integrated cloud applications with web portals and mobile apps ready to smoothen the daily work life and home life within a township ecosystem.
Smart Township Big Data Overview
Smart Township Data Analytics
Tells what happened in the past.
Helps to understand why something happened in the past.
Predicts what is most likely to happen in the future.
Recommends actions can take to affect those outcomes.
What products can be offered to customers based on their past purchase.
Manage Data As An Asset for Smart Township
From Data Center to Data Driven Community
Improve Engagement
Improve User Experience
New stream of income
Office rental or property purchase with Digital Platform as a Service
• Residential house ownership plan for users that work within the communities
• Boost spending within the ecosystem
Explore New Business Probabilities & Models
From the users' spending behaviors within the ecosystem
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