Global Reseller Program

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FingerTec News | 03/1/2020
This will be the perfect-fit program for companies from the IT industries, workforce management service providers, security products vendors, and individual agents who are looking to make extra money.
This program comprises of TWO Reseller Levels
Choose your side
  • Distributor
  • Dealer
Be a Distributor
Higher level than the dealer
Enjoys a higher profit sharing percentage plus a higher sales quota
Obtain a distributor's admin account to monitor dealer and customer accounts
Allowed to appoint dealers in their areas
Be a Dealer
Single level reseller
Basic sales commission percentage and lower sales quota
Given a dealer's admin account to monitor own sales
Here is the list of desires TimeTec looks for in their growing sales family:
Handle system set up, training, commissioning & after-sales service
Resellers are responsible for all customers' inquiries to achieve the highest product satisfaction
Reseller yearly sales quota
Sales commitment is imposed on all reseller, though it may vary from one country to another
Agree on the terms & conditions of the Partnership Agreement
Resellers must agree and act upon the contract standards for license approval and holdings
Attend TimeTec training sessions & Use the trial account
Get familiar with TimeTec applications know-how and practice with a trial account
Here is the list of deliverable favours TimeTec promises to their reseller:
Up to 30 days no-obligation free trial for a feasibility study
Offer your prospective customers with TimeTec ample free trial
Up to 50% life-long profit-sharing benefit
Generate passive income with recurring subscription sales of TimeTec solutions
E-learning, training sessions, Technical troubleshooting tips with multilingual availability
Fundamental solutions information relay through various language for easier deployment and reduce support cost
Technical support with no additional charges
Contact TimeTec support anytime any day to help address difficult concerns and problems
Assign to one local reseller for better support of inquiry
New resellers will be delegated by TimeTec to a local reseller for more efficient handling of the strenuous process
Accessible marketing resources and materials (presentation kits, sample proposal, etc.)
Strong resources platform available for 24/7/365
Auto-matchmaking platform assists in scouting prospective customers in the region
Help to connect and reach out to the target market in the territory
Auto-mailer system for accurate sales follow-up and better estimation of sales cost
Market the price and monitor the progress with analytical review to improve products and sales
No leaders should let slip a golden opportunity that involves only minimal investment and that brings only added advantages to their businesses.
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