TimeTectivity | 05/02/2021
Practical Introduction to CMMI for Development V2.0 Training

Our employees attend a 3-day CMMI V2.0 upgrade training from 11th January until 13th January 2021. This training is to upgrade the employees from the prior versions of the model to the current CMMI V2.0. This is the testament that TimeTec is always improving processes, and we target to obtain the latest CMMI V2.0 certification by the end of 2021.
TimeTec and KONE Strengthen Marketing Efforts for Asia Pacific
On 13th January 2021, TimeTec Marketing team held a ZOOM meeting with KONE regional marketing team discussing the efforts to promote TimeTec and KONE integrated solutions. TimeTec recently onboarded as one of KONE ecosystem partners, with multiple cloud-based solutions ready to be integrated with KONE elevator as a value-added solution. With continuous discussions sessions, TimeTec and KONE Asia Pacific hope to establish better teamwork in producing all the marketing Asean-centric contents for the region’s consumption.
TimeTec Introduces TimeTec TA at the Philippines Market Association Online Forum 2.0
On 12 January 2021, at 2 p.m., the Philippines Market Association (PMA) collaborated with Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) in organizing a Business Matching Session via Zoom or known as PMA Online Forum S2 to introduce new Marketing Technology Solutions and Innovations to the Philippines audience. Mr Leo Teh, TimeTec Business Research Analyst, talked about TimeTec TA Smart Attendance Cloud System's relevance to diverse types of organizations. The presentation highlights the importance of digital transformation and data fluidity in managing modern companies starting from its core, the workforce.
Do LESS Tasks, Get MORE Results, Gain BETTER Focus
TimeTec TA Presentation for the Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On 23 January 2021 at 10-11 am, Mr Leo Teh presented how to utilize TimeTec TA to monitor mobile and traveling staff. TimeTec TA also has been appointed a technology partner by the Selangor State Government through its PRODUTK (Program Digitalisasi Urus Niaga Tenaga Kerja) that lets SMEs in Selangor to kickstart the workforce digitalization process easily.