Yayasan Dhazi
TimeTec Group Gives Back to the Community
TimeTecTivity | 05/02/2020
Strategy in Action
Donation contributed to Yayasan Dhazi in December 2019 proves “Acts should never be just words on paper.” TimeTec Group’s yearly contribution mirrors the core values that the company values and the way the group would execute actions to attain and maintain business moral practices.

In today’s changing and connected world, corporate social responsibility has become a shared commitment that remains critical to the world’s societal goals. Imagine how these courses of actions converse efforts globally and distribute philanthropic aid that restrains a worsening humanitarian crisis, it is closing the gap between customers, the environment and the business. This is the paramount initiative TimeTec Group has been targeting since the board had agreed the commencement of building a foundation on public good distribution.

With TimeTec Group’s business thriving over the years and still striving to accomplish more in the coming years, sustainable business practices will continue to evolve in many ways to keep the CSR shortfalls strengthen. Let the world own the opportunity, and let the business make an impact on the world.
Contribution to Recognition
Yayasan Dazhi has been receiving a stupendous amount of generosity from TimeTec Group for a number of years. Supporting their foundation built to preserve the history of Buddhism in Malaysia and their work to highlight on the Buddhist temples and organizations in the country.

Their attitude of leadership and commitment to the cause has made true connection with TimeTec, showing the work of engagement they are able to succeed with positive approaches and functional steps toward targets’ progression. With the lump sum of donation, Yayasan Dazhi is able to carry forward their mission states, implement solutions and inspire the society with their genuine aspiration.

Being a responsible patron of Yayasan Dhazi, TimeTec would strongly endorses the cause and vision of this non profit organization. Encouraging the team to address challenges faced by the organization, promising to serve side-by-side and hand-in-hand with them, to seek more noble endeavours in the present and in the future.
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