The Trifecta Cloud Solutions for Effective Office Operation
FingerTec News | 05/02/2020
Speaking about most technological talks, lectures, discussions or negotiations held in our daily life or the ones we see spreading so widely across the news, they surely have always been fascinating. We see almost no refuse in people learning about what is new in the technology world. It is continuously disseminating and permeating with the warmth of curiosity and the perception of unfathomable.

The time comes about right at this era where mechanism and machinery are made diversified with the deployment and management of cloud computing complexes. Without a doubt, the employment of such tools into workforce expansion is no longer a spree. Instead, for those chosen to ignore this development, they are going to confront roadblocks soon. This may not sound as promising, but it is the reality that will be set upon the door of most businesses before one even notices it.

For most growing businesses with powerful kingpins, they would understand the need for painstaking attention to management details. Breaking down the barrier that could hold them back, to the greatest extent, it is the human resources that form the principal root of a business’s victory. That should shed light on the thoughts of the processes and strategies employed in the organization formerly and presently, and if there is a necessity for structure revolution for future development.
The Trifecta Cloud Solutions of TimeTec
Slipping into the game as the key player who targets to release businesses owners from the imprisonment of workplace treachery and precarious talent scouting; and in exchange for a more balanced and stress-free work-life, TimeTec Cloud Solutions TA, Leave and Hire is a run of three wins - precisely, the Trifecta for Effective Office Operation.
Here’s what you gotta do now.
Put your thinking cap on.
3 Scenarios presented for each solution.
You might want to think about it genuinely if your business is facing one.
TimeTec Time and Attendance

Company A has a total of 10 staff whereas Company B has a total of 100 staff. Both companies have required staff to record attendance on a daily basis. The HR team in Company A didn’t find it overly tedious to check on the total headcount or to take relevant action to deal with unpunctuality and absenteeism. On the other hand, the HR team in Company B has been struggling to make a comprehensive report on staff attendance for reporting used because records have been inaccurate at times and staff have filed a number of complaints about the attendance workflow failure that have led to payout discrepancies. Despite the number of staff both companies have, do you think that Company A will eventually come to a stage where they have to experience what Company B is currently facing? Do you see the requirements for Company A and Company B for them to keep their business growing?
Strengthen Recruiting Operation
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TimeTec Leave

Tim has been trained to become a proficient HR consultant over the years. Recently, he was headhunted by an agency to join a company as the head of the HR department in a corporation that owned a total of 700 personnel. With an impressive offer amount of salary, Tim has decided to take on the offer. During the first day of his work, Tim was surprised by the amount of leave application the department has received in a day and the long leave processes take to approve/reject and to proceed to submission filing. He then decided to hold a meeting with his team to learn about the actual situation and their way of working. By witnessing the execution of tasks in a week, Tim ponders what he could do for his team and a better workflow culture for the company. What would you do if you were Tim?
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TimeTec Hire

A medium enterprise has recently reopened seven job positions to help increase work productivity. The HR department received multitudes of applications after actively posting and boosting on several job platforms. The HR team employed the standardized hiring workflow that the company has been using all along. Even so, the HR team never finds it easier nor gets free from the hassle of endless tasks of screening, scheduling, interviewing, shortlisting, and deciding in the sea of candidates. The common issues they encountered most frequently during the recruitment process are overlooking interview schedules, unverified candidates’ information, unjustified decisions and many more. Things had gotten out of control several times where it upset the bosses and added up the stress on employees. The growth of the business was forced to remain static due to the incapability of finding the right pool of men to carry out tasks dutifully. What should they do if they wish to put the brakes on this circumstance?
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By definition, effectiveness is determined by the amount of job done within a fixed timeframe. By effectiveness, it is determined by the collaboration between people and tools. Nothing should be left to work in silos because negligence is the leading reason to failure.

There is a saying that goes,
“One forms All and All forms One.”
Admit that your business needs a better solution to improve the limitations is not a shame, but reluctance in making changes is the damage you choose for your business cycle of work efficiency, business and world connections.

Leave the effortless run of Three Wins for your most effective office operation with TimeTec Streamlined and Automated System of Operation.

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