FingerTec News  03/02/2017
TimeTec Cloud-Based Solutions in the Middle East
Challenges and Opportunities
by Mrs. Norana Johar
Business in the gulf is not entirely a new territory for us. We have started dealing in the Middle East approximately 14 years ago with FingerTec brand of biometrics solutions that have become a renowned brand in the security industry across the region, North Africa included. The achievement of FingerTec marketing in the Middle East has been largely contributed by our dedicated 24/7 technical support, language customization in hardware and software, and definitely by the hardwork & dedication of FingerTec established distribution channels around the region. FingerTec has managed to position itself as the mid-range biometrics brand for time attendance and access control solutions, suitable for various industries deployment.
When we introduced TimeTec cloud-based solutions here as one of our products a couple of years ago, the reaction was tepid amongst our distribution channels. They were not familiar with the concept of selling solutions without hardware and they felt that corporations were still not ready to commit to cloud for various reasons, some were valid, and some were mere speculation. Security issues such as the location that the data resides, who can access to the database, would their country allow such operation to be had, so on and so forth. Many were contemplating on the effectiveness of cloud solution to the clients’ business operations; what difference would it bring to the whole operation, would it be cost-effective? Systemic problem and Internet infrastructure were also amongst crucial matters determining the success of cloud services penetration. Having content hosted in data centers away from their region such as in North America, coupled with the region lower speed traffic, there was fear that the cloud deployment would eventually fail. And largely, the question of cost is paramount with the subscription business model.
However, as we go along, the market for cloud computing services is growing because looking at the current business ecology, cloud has become a rational decision to many. According to Statista, the size of the public cloud computing market is forecast to reach $159.28 billion by 2020, compared with $96.98 billion in 2015 [Statista, Total size of the public cloud computing market from 2008 to 2020]. “SaaS will be one of the fastest growth segments in the public cloud services market through 2018 as organizations increase their use of more applications across more vertical industries, including banks, governments, education, healthcare and telecommunications sectors,” explained Fred Ng, senior research analyst at Gartner. – Read article. The world is becoming more receptive towards cloud services as people are getting familiar with how the cloud environment works. Thanks to Google, Spotify, Dropbox, Microsoft Apps and many free cloud solutions out there, consumers are being exposed to the effectiveness of cloud solutions in their everyday lives, and trying these solutions in the workplace doesn’t feel weird anymore.

The rise in cloud acceptance is apparent when TimeTec TA started receiving positive response from the region including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait to name a few because of the solution’s useful features, easy accessibility and the fact that mobile app is handy and free. One of the largest NGOs in Dubai, Dar Al Ber Society has been using TimeTec TA as their workforce solution to manage their mobile volunteers around the city. And Pioneer Generation for Commercial Investment (PGFCI) of Saudi has been subscribing the solution to solve their attendance problems and many more. The way we see it, a lot more explanation about cloud solution is required, and cost is still a large factor in this market’s decision making; but the good thing is, the market is ready to listen and consider.

Deployment of TimeTec cloud solutions has stumbled upon teething problems as we progress, but it has started to benefit organizations of different sizes. We also know that to perfectly provide the requirements of the region, requests for customizations are inevitable. Moving ahead, we are anticipating a bumpy ride but we are excited because cloud product portfolio poses us totally different challenges and we are ready to hit the road in the unpredictable desert of the Middle East.

For requests or questions about TimeTec TA cloud solution, feel free to contact Mrs Nattalina Zainal, Senior Manager for Cloud Solutions at