Recommended Applications of TimeTec BLE-2, Bluetooth Access Controller
FingerTec News | 04/12/2020
TimeTec BLE-2 is a Bluetooth device that caters for different ultra-modern access control requirements encompassing cloud solutions. It requires no cabling, and it can be easily combined with different TimeTec cloud solutions and Apps, hardware and accessories, as a tool to unlock doors, access to turnstiles and parking barriers, and more.

Check out the different scenarios to best use TimeTec BLE-2.
1. Gated & Guarded Residential Housing Estate
BLE-2 as an automated visitor cars’ entry and exit control
To facilitate the workflow of security guards.
Guards will no longer need to press the push button to open the barrier gate after registering a visitor. With BLE-2, the guards will only have to register the visitors via the i-Vizit system and the boom-gate/barrier gate would automatically be raised, allowing the visitor to access an area.

By having BLE-2, the management can increase the security level by locking the push-button from guards access. This restriction will prevent guards from using the button to open the barrier gate manually to unsolicited visitors. This way, the guards will be compelled to register visitors before allowing them to enter the compound.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab as guardhouse panel
TimeTec i-Vizit App, pre-installed at Samsung Galaxy Tab
2. Office Tower
BLE-2 to automate visitor access control for doors and turnstiles via QR code/face recognition
Visitors who pre-register or do a walk-in registration through TimeTec VMS, cloud-based visitor management system, will receive a QR code once he/she is successfully registered. If a visitor is enrolled using his/her face, the face is the credential for access control.

The hardware for access control process at the office tower is the TimeTec QF Plus pre-installed with QF Master App.
TimeTec QF Plus
TimeTec QF Master App, pre-installed on TimeTec QF Plus
TimeTec VMS, cloud visitor management system
TimeTec VMS App
3. Office Tower
BLE-2 for employee access control for doors and turnstiles via face recognition/QR code
Office tower can utilize the same TimeTec BLE-2 and QF Plus installation for visitors, as explained in point no. 2, for employee access control purpose as well. For better user experience, we recommend the use of face recognition as the primary access credential.
TimeTec QF Plus
TimeTec QF Master App, pre-installed at TimeTec QF Plus
TimeTec Access, cloud access control system
TimeTec Access App
4. Small SME offices
BLE-2 for QR Code door access control system (less than 50 staff)
TimeTec BLE-2 and i-TimeTec App can be a perfect cost-effective combination for SME office's access control system. This option offers customers a cloud access control solution that requires only a one-off purchase without any recurring subscription fee in the future. All the office needs to prepare are the QR code print outs, to be affixed at the front and rear entrance. To access the door, staff need to scan the QR code through their smartphone.

No other hardware required, except common door access accessories
i-TimeTec App
5. Season Parking for Off-Street Parking
BLE-2 for barrier gate access via smartphone for season parkers
For parking operators, the handling of season parking is a tedious job as it requires the issuance of cards, managing lost cards, activating and deactivating cards, returning and replacement of cards, and various other issues related to cards. With the installation of TimeTec BLE-2 at every boom gate/parking barrier, season parkers can use their smartphones as a credential to enter and exit a parking site by scanning a QR code affixed at the parking barrier with TimeTec Parking App.
No other hardware is required
TimeTec Parking System
TimeTec Parking App
6. Third-Party Cloud Solutions with TimeTec BLE-2 with SDK provided
TimeTec provides the SDK (Software Development Kit) for TimeTec BLE-2 Bluetooth device for any third-party cloud solution providers to integrate their solutions easily with the device for endless possibilities.

Obtain the SDK from the following link: