FingerTec Newsletter Vol: 10 Year: 2016 | TimeTec in Support of Performing Art, Sponsors 24-Festive Drums
FingerTectivity  05/12/2016
We Get Busy in Ho Chi Minh City
As tourists, of course! This time around, the Company treated the staff to an all expenses trip to the city of Saigon located in the south of Vietnam. The city is enveloped with its own wretched war history and chaotic traffic mess, but Ho Chi Minh did not fail to deliver its visitors with a lot of amazing stories, foods and places to be had.

The trips were split into two groups, the first went on the 3rd to 6th and the second went in the following week, 10th to 13th of November 2016.

We went down the infamous Cu Chi tunnel, we took a few rounds of shooting the M16 and AK47, we immersed ourselves in the Vietnam-USA war history, we travelled along the great Mekong River, we rode the narrow wooden sampan in the congested river just for the sake of experience and we filled ourselves with delicious southern Vietnam cuisines everyday.

These 4 days 3 nights treat has been one of the unforgettable trips filled with awesome memories we shared. Till next time!