FingerTec News  05/12/2016
IONS Technologies Exhibits TimeTec Cloud Solutions at HOMEDEC, KLCC 2016
From 20 to 23rd October 2016, IONS Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd, one of TimeTec’s esteemed resellers in Malaysia had showcased TimeTec Cloud’s solutions, i-Neighbour and TimeTec Patrol at the famous HOMEDEC Exhibition in KLCC, Malaysia.

i-Neighbour is a cloud-based residential Visitor Management Solution (VMS) that revolutionizes the way residents handle visitors into their neighbourhood. The i-Neighbour uses mobile app for visitor preregistration & preapproval, manage visitor access via QR code, transparent communication between Management Company, Security and Residents, and many more. i-Neighbour promotes better community living with automated yet controlled visitor management system.

TimeTec Patrol, on the other hand is targeted towards security firms with multiple clients/sites. With TimeTec Patrol web and mobile app, security firms can manage distribution and monitoring of guards at various sites without any problems. TimeTec Patrol mobile app utilizes NFC technology on smartphones that guards can use as patrolling tool to not only monitor their whereabouts during rounds, but also for them to report incidents as they happen, as well as S.O.S tool during emergency.

HOMEDEC was seen as a great platform to showcase TimeTec’s new solutions because it has been known as a popular show amongst homemakers in the capital city that gathers throngs of visitors.

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