MyTOWN Shopping Mall Centre Management Office Resolved Attendance Discrepancies With FingerTec Biometric Reader & TimeTec TA
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Malaysia | 03/04/2020
Kuala Lumpur, MyTOWN shopping mall is a joint-venture development between Boustead Holdings Berhad and Ikano Group. With a blend of fashion-forward retail, amazing amenities, and stylish alfresco events, there is a reason why crowds come pouring in during the days and just about every weekend. The joyous spirit which MyTOWN is capable of spreading indeed has elevated the recognition of this mall as one of the premier shopping destinations for most locals.

Since 2018, Boustead Ikano Sdn. Bhd. took action in securing MyTOWN buildings with FingerTec terminals. Solely target to maintain access security. Unfortunately, with the increase of staff in numbers, the management finds it challenging in keeping staff from raising attendance disputes because there are no records of the ins and outs access to use for staff attendance verification. All staff includes security officers, auxiliary police, operation team, and other essential departments, totalling up to 130 employees working in the central management office, it becomes a tedious and repetitive task to ensure the accuracy of staff punctuality.

Genx Technology Sdn. Bhd., TimeTec long-time reseller, who introduced FingerTec hardware has put into the suggestion that TimeTec TA solution will benefit MyTOWN building management in resolving the paramount issue which the company seeks to address.
MyTOWN is now using FingerTec TA100C, Face ID X and TimeTec TA!
Previous Issues
Single access of the system
Only HR is allowed to plan and amend shifts schedules
Staff alter their shift without informing
Inaccuracy of attendance records
Resolved Issues
Flexible access right
HR free from scheduling labour work
Email notification of staff schedule amendment
Operation team leaders have access to plan the team’s schedule
Instant track of all staff attendance (time & date)
Staff access to view upcoming shift time
Lack of real-time monitoring for staff presence
Delay in information sharing
Delay in reporting
Difficult to find a replacement for absent staff
Push notification on TimeTec TA App & Mobile clock-in/out attendance
Notification of late and absent staff
Quicker responses and easier management for staff replacement
Staff accessibility to personal data for attendance check-in real-time
Attendance Disputes
Fingerprint terminal with no actual sync of time & date for recording purposes
Monthly manual attendance verification
Staff make complains of injustice payroll cut
Attendance Accuracy
Immediate reporting to attendance errors
Minimize staff tardiness and impunctuality
More efficiency workflow
A comprehensive system of records
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