TimeTecTivity | 03/04/2020
4 weeks of Movement Control Policy have finally been enforced on all Malaysia citizens to prevent the further spread of this novel coronavirus. Being in a critical time like this, nothing has been easy for every one of us when the world is surviving amid fears. This sudden imposition of restricted movement order has filled many bosses with dread and workers in agitation. Despite this, TimeTec Computing Sdn. Bhd. is able to comply with the country’s safety regulation by decreeing all staff to work from home. In this article, we have conducted a small sample of interviews with some TimeTec staff from different departments about their Work From Home Experience.
Ti Hooi Suan
TimeTec Software Development Senior Manager
  Did WFH impose a huge challenge for R&D team members, including yourself?
No. I am confident in our team’s quick adaptability as we are all tech-savvy enough to carry out necessary work discussions and arrangement utilizing several online platforms and tools to ensure our projects remain in progress. Even for myself, I was able to connect to my team and sort out problems with them remotely, anytime during the usual working hours.
  How has the working culture changed?
I think it changes in a way that all communication is now only available online, that face-to-face communication is deprived. However, work from home is not exactly something new for the TimeTec R&D department. Some of our staff do work from home from time to time when it’s essential. But, certainly, there are still areas of improvement to have all employees to adapt to this new working style and culture.
  What did you do to ensure the team is progressing?
We have new interns who just reported to work a week ago. Working with some other R&D seniors, we are able to set up a growing and positive coaching development for them and will be performing internal training sessions via Skype to ensure they develop the essential knowledge on TimeTec products and solutions. As for existing staff, we entrusted them with the responsibilities that they are assigned to. To ensure that the entire team remains on track, we did request for a submission of their day-to-day work progress and tasks to be listed clearly.
  Did WFH interrupt the intercommunication between the team and the clients?
Well, not really. Even before this outbreak of Covid-19, we do generally conduct video calls with our clients to resolve technical issues because we have clients not only from local, but also overseas. We are, in fact, handling well.
  What is your opinion of WFH if this alternative of working option were to implement in the future?
I am not against it but there are several downsides which I believe it is better to work in the office rather than work from home. One of my biggest concerns will be the higher risk of confidentiality leakage. Since all of us are working in a less controlled work environment using a sharing network. The chances of exposing private content to outsiders are huge and this can become especially sensitive for the software development team.
Wee Kee How
TimeTec Technical Manager
  Did WFH impose a huge challenge for technical support team members, including yourself?
Not really. The company has already implemented the Work from Home policy for shifts staff a while ago and the system for these shifts arrangements have already been familiarized. It did not affect our team much at all even after the implementation of movement control order.
  How has the working culture changed?
Since staff are not allowed to return to the office, the technical support staff have been asked to stand by to assist software support staff to handle queries sent from both local and overseas clients.
  What did you do to ensure the team is progressing?
Hardware and software staff have been assigned to focus on producing comprehensive technical tips on FingerTec hardwares and TimeTec softwares so as to facilitate our existing clients and perhaps prospective ones.
Fazalina Zamidon
FingerTec Sales Manager
  Did WFH impose a huge challenge for the sales team, including yourself?
There are some challenges for sure. For myself, it is hard to address clients’ problems when a physical testing on the actual hardware must be performed. We can only apologize to our clients. Hoping that they can also understand the special circumstances that we are all currently facing.
  How has the working culture changed for you?
It has changed quite significantly. WFH is not generally a choice for the sales team. However, due to this hard time which we are all encountering, our work activities must now be reported on a daily basis via Skype and WhatsApp.
  What did you do to ensure that your work is not affected by this sudden change of work routine?
Right before the office is closed, I have loaded up the google drives, have ensured the VPC connection setup is completed and have verified my access to the sales & marketing database to avoid any potential interruption to my work.
  What did the company do to help reduce employees’ anxiety?
First of all, the company has guaranteed that all employees will be fully-paid even during this WFH period. As for the company’s interest and to keep our working spirit up at home, we have to report our daily operations and make updates on our contact with clients even during this trying time.
Syed Firdaus
Assistant Sales & Technical Manager
  Did WFH impose a huge challenge for you?
I find it challenging to follow up with potential clients since most of them are also working from home at the moment. All of the key decisions are required to be made by the client’s management team. All I can do is to provide them with patience and information they need during this WFH period.
  How has the working culture changed for you?
I am only able to communicate with my team members and my managers via online platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype and email. It is somewhat difficult when some works are better to be explained directly face-to-face. Also, there is more preparation needed in comparison to working at the office such as writing daily reports on our tasks progression and what has to be done and should be done everyday. This is not my preferable working style because the uncertainty of our actual pending tasks and work progress can result in work exhaustion.
  What did the company do to help reduce employees’ anxiety?
One good thing about working in an IT company is that the management has the solution to monitor staff attendance while employees can directly report to work with just a tap via the TimeTec TA application. This not only helps the management team to manage employees’ attendance remotely, but also to make sure employees are still taking their responsibilities seriously. With the time and location each clocking detected, the disputes between employers and employees can be avoided at all cost.
TimeTec team will fight this through together.
How has your company managed this Work from Home experience for YOU?
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