Service Health Status
FingerTec News | 03/04/2020
TimeTec support services availability can now be verified through TimeTec Service Health Status. Browse this page to find out the latest and up-to-date information of the operational uptime.

This IT systems Health Check comes particularly functional to determine the complex interactions between gateways, throughput and application. It offers an observation of the current system states to users. More crucially, it is an independent review of the status of TimeTec network.

This is going to help establish the range of problems that affect the operable condition, pick up any on-going problems that might otherwise be missed, and a predictor of troubleshooting success or failure.
Sample of the TimeTec Service Health Status Page

TimeTec has adapted this supporting page to a comparatively plain and self-explanatory site for the benefits of users' apprehension. The content layout is created as shown above (from left to right): Status labelled in colour, percentage indication of the overall performances, name of solutions, file type and most essentially, the day-to-day statuses of the solutions with the date specified correspondingly.
All information processed and generated via the system will be mirrored on this page.
Better communication between TimeTec and TimeTec users
Higher accuracy of system actual performance
Enhanced efficiency of system failures repairment
Automated system health screening of uptime and latest downtime (Refresh every 60 secs)
TimeTec runs on Amazon Web Services, which offers a highly reliable environment. Check the AWS service availability status at
AWS Service Health Dashboard.
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