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Battery Consumption Performance
FingerTec News | 03/04/2020
Gadgets and appliances often have a limitation of battery lifespan. Despite its overall advantages of outstanding functions, all batteries have its drawbacks. Most rechargeable batteries can be damaged when fully drained. Most devices come with the battery's portability is limited capacity. All batteries will die, eventually. To maintain the durability of batteries has to begin with examining the applications you download and use on a routinely basis.

Most people are not aware of the drainage factors that could cause long-term damage to their smart devices and what actions can be taken to optimize and extend the battery life. In fact, users don’t generally take up regular checks on what apps are battery consuming or what features have yet been switched off.
But do you know? If you treat your smartphone’s battery right, you’ll save yourself a lot more money and time for maintenance and services.

This gives an idea of what TimeTec can provide to our customers. To provide them with device specifications after being tested in multiple devices in different OS versions. A succinct summary of ALL TimeTec apps’ test result indicating the battery usage performance score can be reached HERE. Note that the website also discloses the details of the testing platform TimeTec has opted to use.


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