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It’s Personal.
FingerTec News | 03/04/2020
Mobile experiences have been changing over the past decades. Think about the evolution of this device. Transforming itself from a gadget that calls and texts, into a mini-computer about the size of your palm. Think about the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Gmail which you browse so frequently on desktops and laptops. Offering the option to download them as applications onto your mobile devices, and launch them anywhere anytime for as long as you need. Observing the growth of smartphones in the era, it makes sense that mobile functionalities are extending so much more than just phone calling and plain texting.

Indeed, mobile technology is steadily entering the workforce. More and more HR professionals are discovering the essentiality of taking advantage of it since mobile devices have become a way of life for younger workers. More so, mobile solutions are primarily driven by its use among the general population. Factually speaking; statistically, more than 80% of the global population do own a personal smartphone and that the increased tendency for business professionals to communicate through smartphones with consumers and employees is surely becoming much more familiar in the world.
What exactly are the driving forces behind the growing use of mobile HR solutions when staff can handle attendance monitoring and leave application quickly with just the click of a button on the mobile devices?
Time & Attendance

All-time Accessible Shifts Roster

GPS workforce location tracker

Attendance live monitoring

Mobile clock-in/out

Timesheet accuracy
• Easier way for problem-solving
• Eliminate the lack of flexibility of landline system & desktops
• No more redundant works
• One-click to inform, submit, report and track
Ease of Access
• Cloud technology with a vast capacity for information storage
• High accessibility of information from any devices
• Get rid of batches of files and paperwork
• No need of manual attendance submission or leave application
• Decrease the possibility of error
• Transparency of information, data and figures
• Develop more engaged employees
• Reduce payroll discrepancy
Smartphone App - The Better Choice
i. You can opt not to share the use of smartphone to anyone else because it belongs to no one but you.
ii. You can opt not to relay any information from your smartphone with third parties if you do not wish to.
iii. You can opt not to let anyone take away or to hold your smartphone if you are aware of the transmissible germs that could get you sick.
You have the right to make it personal because this gives you a choice.
It is Yours to Decide.
It is Yours to Protect.
More and more employees are growing to expect the integration of mobile technology at the workplace because of the ease and convenience it offers them; More and more HR professionals are realizing how this technology has free up their time to concentrate on other issues because they can make available, claim and submit information easier and quicker. In reality, most professionals are adapting to mobile technology. And best of all, it’s personal!
Mobile HR Solutions

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