FingerTectivity  05/04/2017
TimeTec Gives Back
“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane

As an business organization, we take our business operations seriously, however, as a responsible organization we take our communities seriously too. Charity is not a natural occurrence, it takes time, energy and most importantly, a willingness to engage with our community to give back. TimeTec believes that communities are the backbone of our society, therefore giving back to our community and helping out to meet their needs is something we are proud of.

Intercultural Understanding - Buddhism
This year, TimeTec donated to Yayasan Dazhi, a foundation committed to preserving the history of Buddhism in Malaysia. Yayasan Dahzi mission is to highlight the work carried out by Buddhist temples and organizations, and to raise public awareness of Buddhism in Malaysia. Yayasan Dahzi believes in bridging the gap of local communities by cultivating intercultural relationships and social welfare activities.
In Support of Education
TimeTec also sponsored The University of Nottingham Malaysia (UMNC) Students’ Continuing Personal Development Student Awards (S-CPD). Due to industry feedback from employers highlighting the importance of skillsets that are rarely obtained in traditional classrooms such as maturity, soft-skills, and practical skills. UMNC introduced s-CPD scheme for Electrical & Electronic Engineering students. The scheme was set up to encourage lifelong learning of transferable skills through extra-curricular activities. In recognition of rewarding s-CPD students, TimeTec is proud to sponsor UMNC S-CPD Awards for Electrical and Electronic Engineering students.