FAQ for bR301 Smart Card Reader

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1. Is the bR301 Smart Card Reader wireless? How does it communicate with the smartphone?

Yes, the bR301 is wireless and it communicates with the smart card through Bluetooth technology.

2. How does bR301 Smart Card Reader work with i-Neighbour App?

In the i-Neighbour App, this reader is incorporated with the Security Guard Module. When a visitor or a security guard slots an identity card in bR301, it'll automatically read the information stored in the chipset of the smartcard such as name and ic number.

3. If a visitor refuses or hesitates to hand over his identity card to the security guard, how should a guard handle this situation?

The guard can ask the visitor to insert the identity card into the portable Smart Card Reader by himself/herself.

4. How do I charge or power up the bR301 Smart Card reader?

bR301uses a Lithium battery 800mAH; when it is fully charged with the micro-USB DC power cable provided, the battery can last for 10-12 hours (run-time).

5. While charging, can bR301still be used to read smart card?

No. bR301 Smart Card Reader only supports one communication at a time.

6. What is the LED light on bR301 indicates?


7. bR301Smart Card Reader supports which Bluetooth protocol?

It supports Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/3.1/4.0.

8. How far bR301 Smart Card Reader can be away from smart phone still can be detected?

The pairing distance is around 1 meter, and the communication is within 4 meter.

9. Can the bR301 Smart Card Reader read my country's citizen card?

The bR301 card reader is a common reader, only reads the smart card that is having similar type of chipset and microprocessor only, and if the eID or chip supports ISO 7816 protocol, then it can use bR301. Here are a list of countries that their citizen's identity cards confirmed can be supported by bR301: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, UK, US, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Below is the country list that use smartcard as eID but not all verify with bR 301 Smart Reader. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_smart_cards