1. Why is it important to add i-Comm to i-Neighbour?

i-Comm is a simple App that can help your neighbourhood reduce the workload of the guard force while improving the security aspect of the community and easing the visit process.

2. How does i-Comm work?

i-Comm is a portable video-call visitor self-service panel in which visitors, either by walk-in or drive-in, pre-registered or not, can directly utilize the panel to communicate with the unit owners before checking-in to the neighbourhood whenever they’ve reached a neighbourhood.

3. How can this solution reduce the workload of the guard force?

By handing over the communication and responsibility supposedly between the visitors and unit owners back to the respective parties. i-Comm lets the visitors obtain approval and permission from the residents instead of the guard being the middle person.

4. How does i-Comm make a difference?

Direct communication between the visitors and the residents cut the approval process shorter because the residents should know who they can allow into their neighbourhood. On the other hand, i-Comm will only allow the guard on duty to scan the visitor’s identity card/driver license and check-in the visitors, after the unit owner has tapped on the check-in icon on their smartphone.

5. Can I prefer not to proceed with face-to-face video call when communicating with the visitors since the walk-in visitors may actually be strangers?

Yes. i-Comm can be configured according to the unit owner’s preference, i.e. face-to-voice call, meaning the unit owners can view the visitor’s face while visitors can only hear the unit owner’s voice.