FAQ for QSC10 QR Code Scanner

Faster & Safer

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1. This QSC10 has USB port, can I use cable to connect it to my smart devices (iOS or Android) or PC?

Yes but you can only connect the QSC10 to PC but not any smart devices. The PC must connects to Internet and sign into iNeighbour account when working with QSC10.

2. Can I use an USB extension cable to connect the QSC10 to my PC?

Yes. However, the data transfer speed will be slightly slower depends on the length and quality of the USB extension cable.

3. I noticed the QSC10 cannot scan the visitor’s QR code from visitor’s smartphone. Is the QSC10 working unstable or defective?

It’s quite rarely if QSC10 failed to scan the QR code. Please make sure the smartphone’s screen is bright (adjust the smartphone brightness) to ease QSC10 to scan the QR code.

4. Visitor printed QR code and present it to the security guard. Can QSC10 scan printed QR code?

Yes. However QSC10 might not able to scan the QR code If the printed image is distorted or blurry.

5. How many QSC10 should I purcahse?

You just need one because QSC10 works with PC, and normally only one PC assigned to handle visitor management for most of the communities.