FAQ for ACR38U Smart Card Reader

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1. The ACR38U has micro USB port, can I use cable to connect it to my smart devices (iOS or Android) or PC?

Yes, but you can only connect ACR38U to Android smart device and PC. The iOS devices do not have micro USB port.

2. Can I use an USB extension cable to connect ACR38U to Android devices?

Yes. However, the data transfer speed will be slightly slower depends on the length and quality of the USB extension cable.

3. I noticed the ACR38U failed to read the visitor smart card (myKad) several times. Is the ACR38U working unstable or defective?

Not neccessariy. Because it might possibly caused by the smart card’s SIM chip problem. If ACR38U can read other smart cards with no problem, then please check on this one whether the smart card SIM chip is clean and in good condition. Please wipe out the dirt on the SIM chip and try again. If SIM chip is deffective, the ACR38U cannot read any data from it.

4. Can I use smart card beside of myKad?

Currently, our system can only capture data from Malaysia smart card (myKad). To work with smart card outside of Malaysia market, customisation is required.

5. Can I just purchase only one ACR38U and used by different security guards?

Yes. Normally the smart device along with ACR38U only assign to the guard in charge of visitor registration. In case changing of smart device or PC, you still can unplug the ACR38U and connect it to the new device. Of course, a back up is always welcomed.