FingerTec Newsletter Vol: 1 Year: 2017 | PEKOM Programming League 2016
FingerTectivity  05/01/2017
PEKOM Programming League 2016
TimeTec - Cultivating Talents
Programming League 2016 is an annual Programming competition organized by Persatuan Komputer Universiti Malaya (PEKOM). The University association aims to provide a kickstart platform for students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology to gain experience in Competitive programming. Programming League 2016 had 2 categories this time around; Open Category, which caters to all students who love programming in C/C++ and Java and, Closed category, exclusively for students who are currently enrolled and in their first year of the Fundamentals of Programming (WIX1002) course.

TimeTec is proud to sponsor Programming League 2016. As an IT company, It is imperative that it supports and encourage a competitive spirit when it comes to the field of Programming. “We must continue to cultivate young minds, as they hold immense potential for the global IT industry” said Ameen Ruslan, A TimeTec Representative.

According to Daryl Choo, TimeTec’s Chief Technology Officer, who was also a judge for Programming League 2016 “Talent is always first priority of the Company. We are going a bit deeper in educating and creating more awareness on the younger generation.”

The winners for Programming League 2016 were Ooi Kee Aun and Poh Chi Jun for the Closed category.